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How to create the video blog? Part 2.

Are the second part of article telling how to get own video blog. If you did not read the first part, then press here.

As I also promised, today we will learn to mount the captured video and, of course, we will post online it.


video which are Finished shooting and kept on the computer needs to be mounted. In one place you stick together something, in another - cut off, add credits, music and other. For this purpose it is necessary to master the program for installation. The simplest option - preset in the Windows Movie Maker system.

At start of the program before you will appear four working weeding. In left operations with video are offered; in right - the built-in player that it was possible to look through and fix changes at once; there will be in the middle those rollers with which you work. The lower part of a working window is a display of a storyboard or time scale.

It is possible to add credits, video effects, transitions between fragments to a roller. Desirable effects can be moved a mouse on a storyboard scale, choosing for them the appropriate place. The last stage is a preservation of creation in one of the offered formats. After processing of crude materials the program of installation the converted final video will be much less on volume and will be suitable for placement in online.

Possibilities of Windows Movie Maker will be suitable for beginners and when they will be not enough, try more advanced free VirtualDub and Avid Free DV options. From paid it is possible to advise the professional Pinnacle Studio programs worth from $50 and Adobe Premiere Pro for $800.


After completion of all technical procedures needs to show your creation to the whole world. For this purpose you get to yourself the usual blog - or on free the blog - a hosting (Blogger. com, LiveJournal. com and other) that is very simple, or create the own website, having established a blogging cursor on the server, for example, WordPress, however, for this purpose will already be required special skills. Further you download the rollers to one of popular services of a video hosting: YouTube. com, Blip. tv and similar.

However the separate blog can be not got. At registration for YouTube or other similar service you automatically receive own page with the unique address to which your rollers will be available. And other users of service will be able to subscribe for updating of your channel automatically to receive new episodes of your personal show.

Many create video blogs as a hobby, someone wants to become well-known, and someone pursues the mercantile aims. Anyway, uploading video on a public inspection and an assessment, try to protect esthetic senses of the audience. To become a popular vlogger, it is often rather simple to remove interesting plots.