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How to create the video blog? Part 1.

all progressive mankind are endured the Last several years by blogging boom. Every day hundreds are created if not thousands of blogs on any subject. At the same time, the blog format also undergoes the evolutionary changes caused by improvement of technical means of self-expression and their availability. One of the most interesting opportunities is creation of the video blog or simply vloga . The fertile field of experiments for the creative person to whom is that not only to tell but also to show to the world.

Choice of a chamber.

to become an experienced vlogger and to start the transfer, it is necessary to get a chamber. For a start there will be enough even usual digital camera. Practically all from them allow to write down rollers today. But it is worth paying attention to two moments. In - the first, there has to be a possibility of record of video which time is limited only to lack of an empty seat on a memory card. With restrictions of record of video, for example, to 30 seconds it is better not to buy a chamber for a vlogging. The second criterion is a possibility of record of video with a sound. Not all chambers offer such opportunity therefore pay attention upon purchase. On the Internet vlogger who create movies and by means of the mobile phone camera meet. For creators of mobile masterpieces there are even social networks, for example, of Blogs. xanco. com, Flukiest. com or Shozu. com.

" school; sjema .

That the roller turned out normal quality, insufficiently good chamber. It is necessary to consider still several general recommendations for the correct shooting. The first rule is an existence of a support. A widespread mistake of many beginning operators - the chaotic movement of a chamber on the principle: where I look, there and I remove . Ideally it is necessary that the object of shooting was in focus of a motionless chamber, but not the chamber moved behind object. Besides, it is desirable to use a support and if it is absent, then any convenient and motionless surface for fixing of a chamber. Not too rely on function of stabilization of the image which often supplied photos - and video cameras. It really can extinguish a little nervous trembling of hands, but can lead also to a situation braking some shots when viewing video.

Look for unexpected foreshortenings and be fond of increase and reduction of object of shooting less. Games with scaling are interesting only to the operator. At viewing a video continuous advances and back quickly tire.

If you plan to remove yourself favourite as the leader, then take care of good and correct lighting. Especially if you have an inexpensive chamber with the minimum opportunities. Unfortunately, in the Network loads and loads of rollers where in the center of a dark square the vlogger sits and something tells. At the same time not hefty sight and the imagination is required to make out its mimicry.

In the second part of article you learn even more, namely about how to mount the captured video and where on what resource it to place it.