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Why to us a cat in the first-aid kit or How we are treated by purring? Tell

whether you feel pleasure when the fluffy lump jumps to you on knees and from your stroking begins to purr? Certainly, even coming on a visit and taking foreign animal, we at first want to give it pleasure a stroking / pochesyvaniye, and then to receive pleasure and healing from its purring.

Of course, our fine tuning on one frequency with foreign animal during purring - it is perfect other exchange of energy, than with the favourite. If you learn to show consideration for the animal, then will be able to understand much interesting and useful to yourself and the way of life. In this article you learn how many benefit for the health it is possible to derive from communication with the cat / kitty.

At first it is a little about the murlykaniye. How the cat purrs? On this subject does not have a definite answer, one say that here false vocal chords, others that lungs are involved. Try to listen from where the sound is made, and you will understand that where we listened, rumbling uniform and loud on all body. I do not know the exact answer why so and not this main thing, but I know that purring is a special condition of the cat family which creates certain and, the main thing, useful vibration of energiya. That is why we want all the time that the cat purred when he is in our hands, intuitively we understand that it is very useful for us and for an animal. Actually, there is a scientific confirmation to it. It appears, cats purr in the frequency range from 25 to 150 Hz, in medicine these frequencies are used for healing of changes and other injuries of a bone tissue.

What it is necessary to consider that your animal became your doctor? Well, in - the first in order that treatment by purring was to you in advantage, it is necessary to watch of

very carefully over health of the animal (bodies, wool, skin, mucous etc.) . In that case communication with it to you will be always only in pleasure.

In - the second, treatment will bring more benefit if you sincerely love the animal. By the way, unlike dogs to bribe cats food very difficult. Even if you will give to foreign cat food, his attitude towards you will not change. They very thinly feel your emotions (love, rage). Therefore before slapping the animal, reflect what you want to punish him for!? And whether there is no your fault that the animal plays pranks? At me, for example, the cat does not cause any troubles: never climbs a kitchen table (it is necessary to feed in time and fully), goes to a toilet where it is necessary (to clean in time), sharpens nails in one place (to provide on what it will be useful to do it to it, and to you it is not harmful). Therefore I had never to punish him.

If you love the animal, and it loves you, so easily can treat your many diseases, somewhere as the main treatment (a headache, slightly elevated pressure), somewhere as additional.

When you work, for example, at the computer, you automatically surround yourself with energy which is radiated by the monitor, the system unit. My cat quite often removes from me this radiation. He just jumps to me on knees, the attractive face rubs about my person and so charmingly purrs. At the same time I distract, stroking a cat, I feel a discharge, and it surely runs away after that to the yard.

When long you sit at work, time passes quickly, and sometimes pass feeling of a tired back and especially a neck. Still being a kitten, my animal learned to lay down to me on a neck as a collar, at the same time he peacefully to himself slept. The fatigue passed in a few minutes, the kitten warms the wool and promotes inflow of blood to numb (tired) sheyno - a humeral zone.

If something hurts you, lay down on any convenient surface, allow a cat most to find a sore point and if begins to hum, remarkably! Means, pain will pass twice quicker. If just lays down, let`s a little time to it lie down, then begin to stroke, the animal surely zaurchit, will create a certain fluctuation, and from pain there will be no left no trace. At this time try not to think of anything. Allow your cat to cure you! At the same time there can not only pass the headache or be normalized pressure. Thus it is possible to cure and diseases are much more serious (of course, in a complex with special treatment).

The cat can sometimes have a desire to lick certain parts of a body (the head, hands or legs). Allow it to make it. Animals are much closer to the nature, than we therefore they are more susceptible and are more sensitive. Of course, here it is important to remember that it is not necessary to allow an animal to lick open wounds.

It is also useful to substitute favourites and a back if there are diseases of a backbone, kidneys. The animal itself will settle down in the convenient way, creating additional heating and inflow of blood. The cat himself knows how where and for what time to lay down.

The pet can even warn you about the approaching disease. So, for example, at one my acquaintance the cat constantly laid down on area of a stomach below a navel, and disturbed nothing her. Having passed this signal, she waited until the illness itself proved to be. But at the first symptoms she put two parts together and at once saw a doctor. It had a cyst. Of course, in cases when a disease serious (headaches, for example, have constant character), it is necessary to see a doctor! If there is a need, the doctor will appoint treatment, but, taking medicine, do not forget also about an animal. Give it the chance to show the love and that force which in it is.

By the way, rumbling the animal treats not only us, but also itself, restoring thus balance of the internal energiya and, as a result, the health.

If you love the animals, then watch the animals, and you surely will be healthy!