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How to avoid mistakes upon purchase of a car?

the Decision are made - you want to buy the car.

But, having even read councils for purchase of a second-hand car, you have to know that it is as simple to make a mistake at the choice how to tell Bon appetit at breakfast.

It is possible to buy a candy, and having developed a wrapper, it is exciting to be disappointed. Therefore not to buy a pig in a poke, learn what mistakes are made by people upon purchase of the car.

The order of the car at familiar drivers can turn back to you not so much benefit, how many failure purchase. If you personally know the person who is engaged in a stage of cars from - for borders, then discuss with it details of future transaction as it is possible more carefully. That it did not turn out that he will sell you a car for the price, is much higher than market.

For this purpose at first learn the average cost of the car interesting you in the market. If the irrevocable decision, then when you stipulate a price framework of the car was made, in advance reduce the offered price for several hundreds of dollars. That your acquaintance could solve for himself at once whether he will begin to help you with purchase of a car, receiving a minimum arrived. If he lays down the conditions, then you should not agree as from the driven car the seller already has good profit which sum depends on the cost of the car ordered by you in own pocket.

If conditions suited you, then now be not punctured at the choice of a car. The most part of drivers send photos of the found car to an electronic box, and by phone tell about its features and if they are available, defects. Here the main thing - not to be tempted on beautiful words at once. Therefore wait until your acquaintance grants you an option. For example, photos of three identical cars that you could order the best. If it does not occur, and he recommends to buy the first found car, then here council one: Not to buy . In most cases thus acquaintances just quickly get rid of unprofitable transactions, though are to you friends. Now it is not enough who wants to help for small payment.

If were going to buy a car, then spare no expense. Greed - one of the worst qualities in the person. Presently advertisements dazzle with the words Urgently and Perfect condition and near them the price of which only dreamed. In most cases such cars or were earlier in accident, or they have problems, for example, with the engine or electronics which are not noticeable at the first survey. Not to give in to temptation of low prices which meet pretty often now at once reconcile to the fact that to buy the normal car cheaper, than its average price according to all announcements, will not work well.

I hope, all heard the word The test - the drive . It is a trial trip on the car for identification its weak and strengths in various weather conditions, in comparison with other cars etc. Before buying or calling the seller, be not too lazy and look on the Internet at information about the test - drayva of the model interesting you.

If you decided to buy the new car, and so far about it there was no state-of-the-art review, then some time is better to wait, and only after acquaintance with analytics to buy a new car. If not to wait, then it is possible to experience on itself all subquality work of developers. Sometimes happens so that the new model is much worse, than old. So, for example, it happened about Volkswagen - the Trade wind of the fourth generation. His predecessor, the Trade wind of the third generation, was called by just not killed car that cannot be told about new model.

Publications will also help to decide whether it is worth buying restyling model. Usually journalists compare characteristics of an old car to advanced.

If you decided to take the credit for purchase of the car , then such step needs to be considered in details. The first what it is worth thinking of, how fast you pay it. If with the credit to tighten, then the car which cost 15 thousand dollars can take away about 22 thousand dollars from your pocket. To optimum repay the credit sum within the first year or two. If you pay the credit during three - five years, then you can overpay about 100 - 150 percent over the initial cost of the car.

And the last: it is high-quality paperwork the bought car. Documents which you receive upon purchase of a car have to contain history of its resales if it is the second-hand car. If new, then sale has to be surely dated, a warranty period will think from the moment of production differently. Except dates, in the certificate of the car there has to be full information on the car, exact cost and, of course, date and a jail of the transaction.

I think, having got acquainted with mistakes which happen nearly to every second inexperienced buyer, you will be able to put on the parking near the house or in own garage the good car in which you and in a couple of years will not be disappointed, and it, respectively, will not bring you on the road.