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Vampires who are they?


Ya I assume that the word, the concept Vampire actually, there is a

Type of the person. All of us live at the expense of the power stock proceeding from our bodies, thoughts, words, acts. Our favourite heroes from Alexander of Macedon to Stalin, Hitler, outstanding murderers are vampires. At last, due to birth rate, we give our qualities as power vampires, we will assume 100 thousand years. Developing and adapting to planetary conditions, we sozidayam, create, we make, but in too time we destroy everything on the way. We for a while unite to the states, empires, the unions, we destroy everything, and after a while, again we understand on groups, associations, parties and other conditionality. Each of us the personality capable to bear any proyavlennost of injustice, mockeries at itself what having adapted to live under any circumstances presented to us by reality. We became unsinkable, (Tsunami), fireproof (volcanic eruptions, atomic bombs), and td., keepers of the look. Forming the power, we put strategy which we call: love, morals, honor, conscience. We call for a community, actually supporting the clan chosen by us. The power acquires laws to which we have to follow. Laws do not coincide with our activity, lives use. We, naturally, break them, living our vital canons formed by families, the neighbour`s relations, streets, the markets. We are vampires not because ceased to suck blood of animal, similar people but because we am not able to come to uniform degree of good, the benefits for all. Creating and increasing greatly, we destroy with big passion, than we build. Not to speculate on a subject of people, the vampire, I reject any polemic on this subject in advance.

the Word, is used vampirocheloveky so skillfully that will always be able to justify, allegedly, not a solvency of my assumption.

Active vampires (the government, deputies) or their donors - the people, the people.

Actually is vampires " clear water; i.e. classical


1. There is no love to own look and the nature surrounding us, natural pollution of a look all new and new products of decomposition.

2. There are no uniform general planetary task and control over its performance.

3. There are no general planetary values and the created laws.

4. The God`s precepts formed by the religious organizations - do not work. (10 precepts).

5. The lie corrupted all people.

6. The person as the personality, on it is so inconsistent in the good and evil that looks

not differently as the vampire.

U me hundreds of thousands of examples when development of children do not coincide with related clans are and vampiritsya by them to so invited condition of good breeding. There are some English family series on vampirism, through an evil prism. The TV series assumes humour, a joke, however Slavs have a saying on this subject: In each joke there is a joke share, all the rest the truth . The TV series is very similar to our daily affairs. Vampirism methods people on are so various that it is impossible to miss in its proyavlennost: in policy, trade, relationship of relatives, relatives, people of any professions, faiths and races. Power vampirism is used by all is free or is not free in a type of experiment of a funny thing or protection. Any mockery of the person at the person whom that nibylo, from the official to the house tyrant, the state in general over the personality, is scandalous power Vampirism.

the Prince V. Rakotsi - Tsytsak