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To cut, tear or bite? (NOTES in operation)

- Akul`s what you sew not ottulya?

- And I, the mother, will flog still!

Knows that simple things find the graceful solution through a long period. The same and here.

About what the speech? Not about meat, no. Let`s speak about threads.

Familiar picture: the dressmaker during fitting does a basting and bites off a thread? Of course, you will tell. It saw hundred times. Or saw. It is habitual - that the tailor (dressmaker) bites off a thread. Very few people know that at proletarians of sewing shop from this movement (nibble) on forward cutters the shcherbatina can be formed. Ugly. It is fraught with loss of tooth. And it is not really hygienic - all - saliva from others mouth on your dress (even in microscopic quantities).

There is one more tailor`s movement: a rupture of a thread after the end of any sewing operation (or transition if to be expressed on terminology of technologists). After that a thread to enter into a needle, put in a mouth, namuslivat, twist, long try to bring the tail then twisted to an eye of a needle. Uf! At last! It was possible! And if threads with special twist - hardly you are able to bring it into the look accepted for an eye of a needle! All fibers stick out in different directions!

And at last, production of knot on the thread inserted into a needle. As a rule, at a basting it is not required, do several stitches on one place. But if you sew buttons, then the knot is inevitable. For production of knot the finger namuslivatsya, the thread obkruchivatsya around a finger, then twist is pulled together down - the knot is ready. Again in work language, on a thread - saliva, in a mouth - dirt, microbes and other muck!

It is possible and to spit! Not for work, on a finger! But then splashes around, again an infection around you!

What to do, refuse work? To give another? To employ the worker?

It is impossible to refuse. Another - does not agree. To employ the worker - yes where to take him for that money which you can pay it (and can be that you have nothing to pay)?

What remains? To do most. But same it is impossible: slowly, unhygienically, monotonously. In a disgusting way, at last!

To smooth (not to get rid absolutely, namely to smooth) we have to strain unpleasant feelings from such work - what? Correctly, brain crinkles! (But not so that they became straight absolutely, God forbid!)

So, we think what can be made?

First of all, we will determine work volume. In our case (possibly, quite typical) we should sew to a cloth of 1000 pearls. Why - a secret, secret behind seven seals. It is known that less - it is impossible.

When it is necessary? Better - that it was ready yesterday (well, as always!) but it is good - as soon as possible.

I will notice by the way that this question - production speed - not idle. If business goes successfully, it will be really necessary to employ someone and to appoint quotations and norms of time, i.e. to put the production technology. Expenses of live work have to be minimum - an indispensable condition of prosperity of firm.

It is possible to involve experts - technologists of sewing production, but Where to take them for performance by this, very narrow task. And then - they should pay too. For now your company sits in kitchen and eats rye crackers in an anticipation of the better future.

Here also something can be useful under the name NOTES - the scientific organization of work (in other intertrepation - the normal organization of work).

In primitive understanding the scientific organization of work is a reduction of movements of the cattle-farmer on a cowshed. Why quite so? Because in classical works on this subject tell a bike about how one shepherd (!) or the cattle-farmer (!) thought (!) of why it so hard works, and it does not have enough return - in sense of profit - all the time. He invited to himself the consultant (!) who after studying of movements of this poor fellow on his possession advised to stand a pitchfork in other corner, to move a shovel from that place to it, some more small remarks - and the happy cattle-farmer (or the shepherd) began to receive much more than what was earlier!

And so, the laughter laughter, but in this baize is several healthy ideas.

The first - is as little as possible movements.

Second - is as little as possible efforts. - you watch

Third at the technology a foreign look.

(By the way, in my practice there was a case when changes in movement of documents led to reduction of number of personnel - dismissed as superfluous two people).

But as Maupassant spoke, is closer to a body. That is, to sewing.

What it is necessary to make at first? Correctly, to pick up the needle corresponding to your fabric, pearls and fingers. Fabrics - that the needle easily entered fabric (i.e. it is necessary to determine the best thickness of a needle). To pearls - that the needle freely passed in an opening. To fingers - that you could hold with little effort a needle during operations.

The following transition - the choice of a thread. If there is no choice - everything very simply. If is - the thread is necessary stronger, in any case - not rotten. It is better to choose a thread thinner. Twist of a thread - that is, it is not really important.

Now it is necessary to check compliance of an eye of a needle and thread. If the thread which is cut off by scissors freely enters an eye of a needle is that it is necessary.

Is one of the main conditions.

Further - the organization of your workplace. You have to sit conveniently, without being bent over a workplace. Lighting has to be sufficient.

Equipment - scissors, a damp sponge.

The arrangement of all accessories has to be such that expenses of time for your movements were minimum. For example, after sewing of a pearl you should cut off a thread, to enter the cut-off thread into a needle (not to wet and not to twist!), to wet fingers for twist of a thread, to twist the cut-off end in knot, then to take a new pearl. Scissors and a damp sponge it is possible to arrange so that after cutting of a thread it was possible to wet on the way fingers, then to take moist fingers the cut-off end of a thread and to twist knot. It is desirable to provide a variety of movements (compulsory!), that in operating time in the movement there were as much as possible groups of muscles.

And here if to gather all this - normally organized workplace with normal technological process will turn out. And now before you - a fruit of your work: 1000 sewn pearls!

And to repeat - it is weak?!