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What tricks use the news websites?

the Traffic became convertible currency in the Network long ago. System on management, generation and distribution of a traffic - very attractive commercial model on the Internet. And at each conference on marketing in the Internet this subject is not avoided.


If to speak a simple language, then the aggregator is a program complex for automatic collection of information which is operated in a certain format (for example, RSS), with its subsequent processing and delivery to the user on a certain algorithm.

News Aggregators collect and redistribute news between the websites - partners. The web - a resource establishes on the HTML page - a code of system - a so-called informer. This block of information shows headings of other participants of a network. A task - an exchange of visitors with other websites. Ideally, how many readers clicked on an informer on your website, as much new visitors will come to you from an exchange network. The aggregator traces CTR of news, correctly distributes headings on the websites - translators, keeps order of an arrangement of headings in the block, renewability of news and other parameters. All this is called the weighing mechanism.

Kings of headings.

High CTR of news brings many visitors on the website. Respectively, participants begin manipulations with headings and system to draw the maximum attention of audience. Headings can be divided into four categories conditionally: the provocative, informative, event and describing properties. The most widespread of them are the first three. If to look at structure of top news, then the majority, about 35 - 40%, make provocative headings.

Life cycle of news.

News lives so much how many it is interesting to readers. Headings can prolong news life.

In May, 2005 research where as model for the analysis the leading Hungarian news portal which has about 6 million hits a day was chosen was conducted. At the time of research about 4 thousand news were published there.

Was compared the number of viewings of the news (100 pieces) which are evenly distributed on type and subject. The average number of displays of each news in day made 80 thousand, minimum - 5 thousand displays. Within ten days their daily CTR was traced. Threshold value (leaving in drowsiness) accepted % CTR=0,2.

As a result it turned out that life at event headings - was 2 - 3 days the shortest. Information and provocative headings have longer and stable period of impact on audience.