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As there is a lot of in it opening strange!. or For what I love the opera?

A few years ago the opera seemed to me something fine and mysterious, but so high and far what close to approach was frightening: I thought what before such serious art to me yet grow and raise, or perhaps never and not grow.

So it turned out that I got acquainted with the opera only in 18 years. There was it somehow spontaneously and is even casual, but, probably, it was one of those turns of destiny which are planned by our guardian angels.

So it was pleasant to me!. I was delighted simply. But this delight, honestly to admit, was caused only by game of one actor, and music somehow by ears flew by. But, nevertheless, I wanted still Still to look at this actor, but already in other images.

And it was involved. Gradually got used, began to hear music. It was surprising feeling: as though doors to the new world opened. And the you learn this world more, the more you are surprised to its wealth and inexhaustibility.

What such fine I find in the opera?

1. Music She is born

from breath of the flutist and awe of strings under fingers of the violinist, from a thunder of timpani and crystal tenderness of a harp And if to speak about the opera in theater, but not in record, then it is still very important that it is music live. Not strengthened and not distorted by technical means, she is born here and now, and it is unique during every moment of the flight over the auditorium.

But the most important and most surprising musical instrument in the opera is the human voice capable it is so thin to express the smallest shades of emotions and moods that just takes the breath away! It can quietly sound - quietly, but each word will reach the latest row; and can sound so strongly that it seems as if air about ears vibrates and it can be touched.

2. Actors

the Opera are a theatrical action. Give life to heroes and actors recover a plot, and very outstanding personalities occur among them well!

Someone has mad temperament: it can install in you desire to rise, run out on a scene and to battle against a horde of enemies. And someone the tenderness and lyricism wakes up such thin feelings about which existence could and be not suspected before.

Actors different and on bows: someone very much loves flowers and an applause, perceives them as due and can long exchange bows; and someone is a little bit constraining, eternally hides behind backs of colleagues, tries to escape somewhat quicker behind the scenes, and from a hot applause just thaws, full of sincere gratitude.

It is so interesting to watch actors! Over time you start going to theater as if on a visit: to learn how there live yours friends and that at them the newcomer.

3. The theatrical atmosphere

Thanks to modern achievements of equipment and the rich range of musical shops, it is possible to enjoy the opera and at home. But the theater is a special atmosphere which does not allow to distract on any foreign affairs and promptly carries away to the world. The theater is a live magic here and now.

Me one case was very brightly remembered. At the end of the opera Iolanthe while heroes on a scene amicably glorified a victory of love and light, in the hall began to brighten It does not happen, it not by rules, light lights up after an applause dies down and the curtain will fall! But it was so pertinent, so fine: not only a scene, but also all auditorium it was filled in with bright light, and the pure pleasure blossomed smiles on faces of the audience. Even the most advanced equipment will not present similar feelings because the house you have no such number of companions fortunately - witnesses of the same miracle in the power of which also you stay.

4. Legendary characters

When I for the first time went to listen to the great opera of Georges Bizet, I knew the little: that Carmen is the famous Gipsy, the fatal beauty who sings that at love, as at a little bird, wings . And all. I did not know about existence of a certain Don Hoz thanks to whom Carmen already the second hundred years lives on a scene and dies in the same place.

Further - more. It turned out that behind legendary names and beautiful words ( Madame Butterfly Traviata Rigoletto etc.) such passions, such destinies are covered!. And now, when you hear somewhere these names, recur the whole worlds to the memory, and associations arise others - thinner, than earlier.

And you know why Figaro then, there; also you understand about what Yaroslavna cried; and you smile together with the clown through tears...

5. Literature

Often opera plots undertake from literary works, and after acquaintance to this or that opera there can be a desire more deeply to understand the main point. To esteem The Lady with camellias A. Dumas - the son after Traviata to cry over V. Scott`s novel after Lucia di Lammermoor to povoskhishchatsya by Figaro`s tricks in Beaumarchais`s plays and to look in a new way at acquaintances from a school bench Eugene Onegin and Queen of spades .

Quite often during acquaintance to literary primary sources surprising things become clear: the daughter, having been included in the opera, turns into the sister, someone instead of a mental hospital is done in Names can change, appear new characters, but it is even curious: you compare two histories (opera and literary), and they peacefully coexist in consciousness - almost in parallel, in something supplementing each other.

6. Mood Often in the opera everything comes to an end with

at all not as it was secretly dreamed: favourite heroes whose bitter destiny is foreordained in the libretto will die on your eyes, and with it there`s nothing to be done. However at heart after endured it becomes so easy!.

Many types of arts, having harmoniously connected in the opera, in common make unusually powerful impact, forcing to empathize sincerely heroes, thereby clearing soul of small vital disappointments and alarms. And the world seems fine again, there is a wish to create kind and light, and invisible wings of inspiration grow behind the back.

Let same generous as the opera, friends always accompany you on life! And let your world is filled with new bright paints, and in soul fine music sounds!