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For what mad act still honor Seward?

on October 10, 1872, 135 years ago, the terrestrial way of William Seward ended. Perhaps, not all readers Schools of life heard about this person, but about Alaska and its purchase and sale know everything. And William Seward just was also the main initiator from the American side. Also carried out a combination so skillfully that Russians had an illusion that Alaska is sold by them, but not America heats on it hands.

But then, in 60 - e years, nobody called Alaska differently as Syyuardovsky " refrigerator; or Johnsonian zoo of polar bears . And it, notice, there were most harmless definitions. The majority of them could not be said in decent society. Better to imagine the picture, it is possible to put on one step of Seward with Anatoly Chubais in Russia the middle 90 - x years.

If to describe William Henry Seward`s career in brief, then it is enough to tell that he was born in 1801 in New - York, and in 19 years graduated from law department of university and became the brilliant lawyer. In 30 years William was elected senator of the native state New - York, and further the governor. Then became senator in the supreme government body. In 1860 together with Abraham Lincoln fought for a presidential position, and right after defeat received the offer from the rival to become the Secretary of State.

However, purchases of Alaska could not be. Good Friday had to become on April 14, 1865 in the Doomsday America. Conspirators decided to be through in one day with three high-ranking officials of the country at once, having planned murder of the president, vice-the president Andrew Johnson and the Secretary of State. And all three attempts had to happen at the same time.

It is known that Abraham Lincoln went with the spouse to Ford`s Theatre to the performance Our American cousin . Reviewers called the actor John Wilks Booth who played in a performance the most charming man of America . Booth headed plot for the purpose of Lincoln`s kidnapping in due time. But then everything failed, and here cards met . Having waited for the beginning of the second act, Booth entered a government box. Nobody protected Lincoln. Booth shot at Lincoln`s nape. The sound of a shot of the small copper gun was poorly heard in the hall especially as it at this moment burst explosion of laughter. After that the murderer managed to run. However, it was overtaken in 11 days on one of farms. Seeing that it will not be possible to be chosen, Booth was shot.

According to other scenario events in William Seward`s house developed. 20 - the summer soldier of the southern army Lewis Paine (his real name was Lewis Thornton Powell), got into the house of the Secretary of State and hit that with a dagger in a throat. To the aid of the father the eldest son Frederik rushed. Paine tried to shoot to him at the head, but the gun misfired, and then he contrived and put to the son several knife wounds. And only intervention of protection prevented it to complete the dirty deed.

As for vice-the president Johnson who after Lincoln`s death occupied a presidential chair with it everything was very unclear. The spy and the smuggler George Andrew Ettserodt told that Kirkvud where Johnson lived had the room in hotel. In number there was a secret armory. It was proved that Ettserodt was interested in what room he occupied vice-the president. However the spy was accused first of all not of attempt of murder of Johnson, and of partnership in Abraham Lincoln`s murder. Because to Johnson Ettserodt did not come

A further to investigators very quickly managed to dig out an interesting detail. It appears, in seven hours prior to murder Booth was included into " hotel; Washington where there was an office vice-the president. Having learned that neither Johnson, nor his secretary are on the place, Booth left the following note: It would not be desirable to disturb you. You houses? Dzh. U. " quarrystone;. However, this circumstance did not prevent Johnson to carry out the plans - to occupy the president`s chair though his opponents until the end of his days did not doubt that threads of plot reached for Andrew. And one more indirect demonstration: four conspirators, including Ettserodt with Paine, were condemned soon and are fast hung up.

But we will return to Seward. It right after attempt was brought to hospital. Perhaps, it also saved to the Secretary of State life, be late the help at least for half an hour, he, most likely, would bleed to death. And so survived. And even reserved a post of the Secretary of State. Also retired after Johnson stopped being the president. Having managed to make the transaction on purchase of Alaska.

It is necessary to add that after resignation in 1869 Seward left in the manor in Auburn where died in 1872. And on Alaska it was not forgotten - still last Monday of March Alaska celebrates Day of Seward