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How to make kitchen beautiful?

Kitchen - one of the major rooms in the house where we spend a lot of time therefore in kitchen everything has to be convenient and rational. Before going to buy the kitchen furniture which attracted to you, it is necessary to measure the kitchen, to draw its plan and to estimate, as where to put. Whatever were the form and the sizes of your kitchen, at its design they should be considered and to use as much as possible.

Style of your kitchen can be any - from classics to a modernist style. However the expressivny a type of kitchen and avangardny its design, the is more at it than chances to get quickly out of fashion.

The color scale of kitchen has to help to relax or, on the contrary, to make the stimulating impact. The kitchen which constantly overheats are good cold tone - shades blue, gray and green. In dark kitchens it is better to use pastel tone - lemon, pink, pistachio, apricot, peach. Try to avoid saturated tones, contrast colors and difficult drawings on working surfaces of tables and small sites of walls.

Service life of the kitchen equipment is defined by years. The German factories are guided for 15 - 20 years, Finnish - on 10 - 15, Czech guarantee about 10 years of operation. The Russian producers, even when using import accessories, speak only about 8 - 10 years. Italians suggest to change a situation each 5 - 6 years, but not from - for qualities of furniture and to struggle with stresses and monotony.

Time of operation of kitchen furniture depends also on what materials were used at its production. As case material the tree, a multiplex, MDF and a chipboard are applied to production of kitchens (in decreasing order of the price).

Apply more than 40 breeds of wood to production of furniture. It is carefully dried and processed special structures for protection against influence of environment.

Well also the multiplex - the thin layers of wood of various breeds glued diversely proved natural material. This material is less subject to water influence, than a whole tree, and is not deformed.

Most often modern chipboards, MDF and other types of plates are applied to production of kitchens. If means allow, it is better to prefer MDF as stronger and environmentally friendly material. Upon purchase of kitchen from a chipboard demand from the seller the hygienic certificate in which the level of release of formaldehydes has to be specified.

Recently the increasing distribution in production of the kitchen equipment buys metal. On frontal panels, including doors of cases, softer meets more often, in comparison with steel, aluminum with the anodized covering (increasing its wear resistance). And the satined steel gives to kitchen an effective look, but demands careful leaving.

Do doors of cases and the shelf of modern high-strength glass, furniture glass has to maintain not only the big weight, but also casual blows.

As materials - table-tops - are applied to working surfaces, except the listed materials, natural, synthetic and artificial stones. Granite is strong and iznosoustoychiv, is a little susceptible to acids; travertine and marble of a zharoustoychiva, but have porous structure therefore on them spots from fats and wine are often formed. But the marble table-top can be chosen from a set of flowers.

Synthetic stones - crystallite, aksilan, a varikor, korian and others - do not concede in anything to prirodnymanaloga, and often and surpass them in a practicality. The basis of artificial stones - sand, quartz, acryle, glass fibers, bauksit also strong binding. The artificial stone of easier natural, is simple in processing, is hygienic, strong and zharoustoychiv (maintains heating to 230 degrees).

As facing materials for production of kitchens interline intervals - natural and synthetic, both polymers - a laminate and melamine are most often used. At a covering of surfaces a natural interline interval wood is cut by a thin layer and then pasted to a standard basis. By means of synthetic interline intervals it is possible to imitate not only a tree, but also many other materials, and the special protective film replaces a varnish and different ways of finishing finishing. The laminate and melamine are used as artificial coverings for a chipboard and DVP. Cover with melamine the surfaces which are not calculated on big mechanical loadings while the laminate thicker, stronger and is more durable therefore do of the laminated plates even table-tops.

Since at the beginning of 60 - x the system of modules was thought up, the kitchen furniture turned in designer : from a set of various elements the customer by means of the selling assistant brings together the kitchen.

But the composition collected from the modules arranging you it is necessary to supply correct stuffing that is internal and external accessories. Here too everything is arranged by the principle of the designer, and opportunities are really boundless. Let`s tell only about some most convenient and ergonomic mechanisms and devices.

There are boxes to a double bottom, to rubber removable rugs, boxes to linear dividers, to vertical delimiters, wooden and plastic cutlery trays. Sliding working surfaces are very practical: boards - little tables under which the same sliding cutlery trays are mounted. Let`s add a set of the angular sliding and rotating elements, " here; roundabouts who allow to use up to 90% of space of angular section. Many factories offer the rotary shelf with several containers. One more convenient accessory - mixed metal gauzes, which usually fill sliding columns. Practically all producers have special regiments or whatnots with nests for horizontal storage of wine bottles. Wall hand-rail and railings - really irreplaceable devices: on them it is possible to hang up and always to have near at hand different small kitchen utensils. It is quite good to add to them for beauty and convenience a metal pole - a rack with the rotating semicircular shelves.

Completing kitchen, pay attention and to the show-windows equipped with sockets or niches with doors - blinds for toasters, coffee makers, mixers. Certainly, all these frills affect the price of your kitchen. But beauty and convenience are worth it!

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