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How to help a kitten to get used to the new house?

At last your dream came true. You in the house had a charming kitten!

Now to you is whom to love for whom cares! And as it is amusing to watch its games and how it gets acquainted with world around. Now for you there is nothing is more charming, it is more nice than its charming naive muzzle!

And what pleasure to caress this lovely crumb, to hear in reply its grateful purring from which at heart it becomes so warm, quiet and cozy To feel such happiness necessary and important for this defenseless fluffy lump!

But nevertheless not only it is necessary for your new family member. Now from you many forces and patience will be required. It is necessary to move on the apartment with special care now, God forbid, not to do it harm. Who knows where he was sheltered at the moment? If you do not begin to look under legs, then you can crush it!

Having brought a kitten home, do not cost at once him to zatiskivat . Let`s the kid look round and survey the new house for a start. He yet at all knows nothing about him! And suddenly it is waited here by danger? It should check it!

Do not forget to offer a kitten of a warm milk. To try to feed quicker him - is not necessary, let for a start finally everything surveys. Only after he will a little grow bolder, can offer him food. It surely have to be acquaintances for it products to which he already managed to get used! Surely track that the kid always had clear water.

Do not forget to play a little with it and it is obligatory to show its vacation spot. It would be quite good to put something warm, for example a small hot-water bottle there, and nearby - the ticking alarm clock. It will remind him mother - a cat, her heat and heartbeat, habitual for it. At first the kitten will strongly grieve for it, and this reception will help it to feel more comfortably.

The very first days in the new house will be given to the kid most difficultly. Surrounded with new unfamiliar smells, he very much will want to mother - a cat. He can begin to look for it. If you noticed that the kitten worries, then take him on hands, caress. At such moments between you the most close connection and mutual attachment will be established! Right now you can gain its arrangement and trust! Let the kid will feel protected, will feel that it in safety near you!

Treat the pet as it is possible more carefully. In any time you should not be enough it for wool on a nape and to lift it in such situation. The cat - mother acts this way with the kittens only in the first five weeks of their life. During this period for kittens it is safe. If you begin to lift roughly it for a nape at the age of about three months, then it can lead to undesirable injuries - a rupture of sinews and sheaves. If you need to lift a kitten, then it is necessary to do it by two hands. So the kid will feel safe.

You should stock up with various accessories to cats surely in advance. Such objects as the container for transportation of an animal, a laying for a dream, a tray for a toilet, a filler to it, a brush for care of wool, special cat`s ware and a collar from fleas.

Having created all these conditions for the pet, you will be able easily to make friends with him and to accustom to an order. At the same time you do not injure it, and, respectively, will be rewarded by his trust to you.

Do not punish for anything an animal physically!

It is necessary to show a lot of patience and kindness. And it will make your union mutual and strong! Good luck!