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Tell me about me . Whether often you so indulge darlings?

She liked to be engaged in it. Since the childhood At first itself told about herself to the dolls. Then asked girlfriends, the family. And not always these data suited it, but all the same asked. Just masochism. It from outside. And It needed it for construction. Yes, for building of own soul and a body!

It was always dissatisfied with itself, always wanted to become more beautiful, cleverer, more harmonous and it is better. Also saw an exit only in criticism. And it was criticized. Here unburdened the heart - something much, it is not enough of something Too clever, absolutely ugly.

She suffered, but trusted and worked, worked, worked on herself! People, seeing this titanic work, became kinder - in its moneybox compliments appear! Or perhaps results of its work began to affect? And already by 30 years It began to catch on itself such cold, such tenacious now earlier - delighted man`s looks. She became a Woman! Real flower!! The real Lebed - thereby which turns out from the Ugly Duckling!

But for full feeling of happiness there was not enough only one - IT is One and only! She was tired to wait for the PRINZE. And He somewhere on the way was late Jumped - jumped and here somewhere again the horse changes, but only not near her!

There were years Long, persistent It continued to blossom. And now It already gave an assessment to the revealing buds However, remembering the spiritual wounds, tried to do it accurately, slowly cutting off layers of complexes and barriers. And when absolutely having already been disappointed in hope for a long-awaited meeting, It started up the energy in the peace course, IT appeared. So unostentatiously, so incidentally and so suddenly that She even did not understand at once that it IT!

At first long talk on soul, on meaning of life, on beauty of the world etc. But in increasing frequency It caught itself on thought - IT is IT!! And here it is long-awaited recognition Heart is torn to parts! And as He is able to TELL EY O to IT! WHAT she LEARNED ABOUT HERSELF! MY GOD! Only for the sake of it it is worth living! And at once all puzzles developed - both a skin velvet, and silk of hair, and a peach of cheeks, and depth of eyes, and tenderness of lips, and passion, passion, the PASSION which is TORN OUTSIDE! She fainted from all this fantastic wave.

And He spoke, spoke, spoke, He was sincere. About! As It was sincere. As He was was able. When her legs felt caress of his uvula - tenderness covered it with the wave. And She asked again and again: Tell me about me.

It was their favourite game. Game of passion and love, game of reason and feelings! And when, having absolutely grown weak from all these games, they peacefully fell asleep, having strong embraced, they dreamed magic dreams of voskhishcheniye. Pleasures. As They changed! People on the street turned around, acquaintances and the family, purely intuitively feeling that there is something mysterious, shy asked: At you everything is all right?

They became a little mad. The smile of happiness did not leave their persons. They rejoiced to a green leaflet and a small rain, the first snow and a bush of the dismissed lilac! And I needed to TELL ABOUT me! When last time you told the darlings AS THEY are BEAUTIFUL?