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The personal doctor can be a cat?

the Small fluffy lump with pleasure fell asleep in your hands. While he sleeps, let`s look at him not just as on the favourite, but also as on the being having a surprising gift of healing of people. As you already, probably, guessed, it is about cats.

Data which pleasantly shook scientists from various countries during numerous researches: the cat is an excellent personal doctor! The fact that cats attract to themselves negative energy - already for anybody not a secret. Now it is already established that if regularly to iron a cat at least within several minutes, at the person favorable changes already begin: pressure is normalized, the warm rhythm is stabilized, there pass headaches, stress is reduced.

Our skin is directly tied with the central nervous system through the nervous terminations which number in each centimeter of an integument can reach hundreds. Everything is subordinated to nervous system in our organism, and through it it is possible is mediated to influence internals. Stroking a cat, we, thus, in a complex influence the organism.

Besides, at cats low-frequency currents thanks to its thin and gentle wool are developed. Currents of low frequency use decades in classical medicine. Influencing the inflammation center, they kill microbes. After numerous experiments, experts came to a conclusion that best of all the koshkoterapiya helps at treatment of an inflammation of joints and gynecologic diseases. In the latter case the animal is enough to be put on a bottom of a stomach and, stroking a cat, to lie not less than 20 minutes.

There is a separate wish to allocate a special role of cat`s purring. Its rolling waves as if lull us, we calm down in a step to cat`s music, we relax and we derive pleasure from all this. Besides scientists divide ours weakness and the experiments convince us that that range (from 27 to 44 hertz) in which cats purr for 20% strengthens bones and that purring of similarly ultrasonic therapy, only sounds which are made by these animals render much the best effect. Besides, at the sounds proceeding in such range at the person brain blood circulation improves, pressure is normalized and the warm rhythm is stabilized.

By the way, supervision of doctors showed that bioinfluence of cats is stronger, than cats. Cats better diseases of nervous system, internals treat. Cats - perfectly cope with diseases of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthrosis. At treatment by cats it is possible to consider not only a sexual character, but also value of breed and even color of cats.

So, black cats perfectly win against chronic fatigue, they undertake negative energy it is twice more, than other colors. Cream - tone up power of the owner. Red - give positive energy most; they, plus multi-colored and gray - universal doctors also help at any illnesses. It is gray - blue - calm and neutralize a stress. White diseases of a metabolism treat and are considered medical on all above-mentioned indicators.

Long-haired cats (Persian, Angora, Siberian, ragdolls, Burmese, etc.) are neuropathologists, help at sleeplessness, irritation and a depression. Short-haired with plush wool (exotic, British, Scottish, Russian blue, etc.) - specialize on warmly - to vascular diseases. Cats of short-haired and nonhairy breeds (Siamese, oriental, sphinxes, etc.) heal diseases of a liver, kidneys, gastritis, colitis.

All these results impress, but it is necessary to remember that a cat - not panacea from all illnesses, and in case of diseases it is necessary to see a doctor. As for treatment by cats, you remember that the expected result can be received only at a sincere arrangement, devotion and love of the pet to you, but its not violent keeping near itself. In the first case, at serious need, the cat is capable not to depart from darling patient even till several hours - doing without food and drink, diligently humming and massing a sore point until it becomes better for the person.

Do not refuse caress to the cat, and in exchange she will present you good health and longevity! Sincerely I wish to all readers to be healthy, and for happiness to get this wonderful animal at home!