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How to make excursion pleasant?

There now also there came long-awaited and absolutely deserved holiday. You already arrived to the sea, settled, the return tickets in a pocket - it is possible to start rest. Mostly health-resort visitors spend the first days on the beach. As it is clear - there is a wish to sunbathe, be bought quicker in warm water, to feel as the real sea inhabitant. But the satiation waves, walks on the embankment and seaside cafes comes quickly enough - there is a wish for something brand new. And here various travel agencies which offer where more where there are less excursions come to the rescue. There are tours across the cities, on sights, visit of exotic places and so on.

Before to buy the permit, in detail ask the operator that is included in cost and what it is necessary to pay in addition for. Otherwise you risk to get into a situation when in your pocket the unfortunate fifty-kopeck piece was overlooked, and then it becomes clear that it is necessary to pay for lunches and dinners separately. Believe, your stomach will not approve similar mockery at itself.

In - the second, learn on what road it is necessary to go and what temperature is expected. Travelling around the Caucasus Mountains and going down in caves, I not once had to observe tragikomichny pictures in which unaware ladies acted as the main characters. Present: rise on a mountain plateau, height is nearly two thousand meters above sea level, temperature for boroty the &ndash bus; plus 15 degrees. And girls sport in topics and shorts. Then descent in a cave - there is even more cheerful, constant temperature about five degrees Celsius. Jackets on an entrance, however, give out, and here panties it is necessary to have the. It is a pity to pass something from excursion - everywhere it is fantastically beautiful.

Or in other case - went to falls: weather is warm, water does not kill with ice jams, in a bathing suit or shorts most that too. But one complexity - falls are besides in mountains, and the way to them as it is not difficult to guess, is not paved by an accurate tile at all. It is necessary to go on stony hillsides. In sneakers and that sometimes was difficult how poor little girls on ten-centimetric hairpins made the way there, I do not know. But to look at them was and it is terrible, and it is a pity. And all the matter is that the careless operator of agency forgot to warn about a suitable dress code and footwear, and ladies to ask did not guess.

I, in - the third, before excursion try to come to a consent with yourself. Answer the question - what do you wait from tour for? The competent story about historical sights, small lecture on study of local lore or cheerful travel with the guide - hokhmachy. Usually guides, different in a warehouse of character and level of knowledge, work at the same routes. Explain to the travel agent what you want to hear from the guide. And then the probability of disappointment from an unsuccessful trip, for certain, will become minimum.

In a word, to have a rest - this extremely fascinating occupation. Then you the whole year will remember the days spent on the tender coast. To show to the family and acquaintances the numerous photos brought from other edges, to brag of souvenirs and to give pleasant trifles. But that holiday was not saddened by unpleasant incidents, in advance think of that everything passed smoothly. And kind to you way!