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What with you to do, the Depression?

It seems the sun behind a window But it is already cool Uncomfortablly Yesterday swore with darling. Stress? It is a little And suddenly will develop into a depression? Offensively? Annoyingly? It`s all right!

At me always in a stock the mass of methods to cope with these evil spirits! And from where she only grows up? Takes a large brush and fatly paints life in gray and black paints. Such here infection.

The most important - not to give it any chance to expand to superpity to itself and slyunyavo - is insignificant not to give it to crush gentle sprouts of hope in my young soul. That in such cases I do:

1. Surely I porydat alone minutes 5 - 10 no more! I remember something at once that tears can bring new wrinkles, distort my fine face. Pity to itself instantly disappears and the common sense gets the best.

2. I go to a mirror and I begin to extol myself: What you are a beauty, eyes red, now we will dry up them. To what you, the girlfriend, is good! To whom you, such charm, will get? Let`s smile to the sun!

3. After such self-training I begin to feel how under shovels wings are cut That - it is time to do some flying! And if I am not able really yet, then in dreams I am carried away taaakkk far! Such tempting pictures of fast happiness before eyes rise! What there depression? I on a threshold of new life! Swore with darling? And is it good? And why I with it swore? To check our feelings? But if I do not love myself - as he will be able to fall in love with me? For what?

4. I adore Scarlett from Gone with the Wind and its crown phrase: I will think Of it tomorrow!

Here and I will think of it tomorrow, and today I am waited by my friends! Call on a party. Do not call? So I will take them now! Let`s sit in cafe - ice cream we will peck, we will drink a cup of fragrant coffee! Sweet spoils a figure only in usual time and when to me it is bad (and unless to me it is still bad?) - only on advantage!

5. I remember the favourite hobby! How long I did not take a spoke in hand and did not listen at the same time to music as a hobby! I put a piece of the heart in this lovely bagatelle - tomorrow I will present it to the sister or the girlfriend, they will carry it with pleasure and to remember me!

6. As I forgot about the new movie! Bought this fashionable disk a week ago! I put now! What drama! What in comparison with it my quarrel? And I am more guilty of it, than it It is necessary to confess tomorrow All right, I will think of it

7 tomorrow. The movie ended Aftertaste something gentle and lovely It is necessary to gather a heat bath, there it is more foam, to make petals of roses Candles Gentle music Full relax I float on pleasure waves How tasty to live!

8. Call? It returned me to reality Who is it? Darling?? His fascinating whisper: - Forgive to

, I was wrong

9. When demigods leave - GODS COME!

10. And here I already rush on appointment to it! All in joyful luxury of the forthcoming appointment.

Farewell, depression! I did not call you to the house! And I WILL THINK of all this TOMORROW!