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What is Seven wonders of the world ? Hanging gardens of Semiramis

One of wonders of the world about which many legends go and which probability of existence for us is shrouded in mystery are Hanging gardens of Semiramis.

According to various historical chronicles of the Greek and Roman writers for us the theory of existence of Hanging gardens meeting together opens rather truthful and in many respects.

According to this theory gardens were constructed about 600 BC in Babylon, by order of the Babylon tsar Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BC) . This city lay on river banks Euphrates, it is a little to the south from that place where now Baghdad, the capital of Iraq is located. On a legend, the tsar ordered to construct gardens for the sake of the being homesick young wife, the median tsarevna - Semiramis, hoping that they will remind her native Persian mountains.

Thanking History Herodotus, perhaps, visiting Babylon, we were reached by rather complete description of Hanging gardens of Semiramis.

Hanging gardens represented the pyramid consisting of four tiers - platforms. They were supported by columns up to 25 meters high. The lower tier had the form of the wrong quadrangle which greatest party made 42 m, the smallest - 34 m

to prevent infiltration of irrigation water, a surface of each platform at first became covered by a layer of the reed mixed with pitch, then two layers of the brick fastened with plaster solution over everything lead boards kept within. On them a thick carpet the fertile earth where seeds of various herbs, flowers, bushes, trees were landed lay.

The pyramid reminded eternally blossoming green hill. Tiers rose ledges, connected by wide ladders to plates of pink and white flowers. Daily thousands of slaves pumped water from deep wells on top to numerous canals from where it flew down on the lower terraces. By miracle water murmur, a shadow and a cool among trees seemed.

In 331 Alexander of Macedon`s troops took Babylon. The famous commander made the city the capital of the enormous empire. Exactly here, in a shadow of Hanging gardens he also met the death. After his death Babylon gradually fell into decay. Gardens appeared in the started state. Powerful floods destroyed the brick base of columns, platforms fell upon the earth. So one of wonders of the world died.

Modern archeologists still try to collect enough confirmations before drawing final conclusions on location of Gardens, their irrigation system and on the true reasons of their emergence and disappearance.

Slightly it was succeeded to slightly open secret of existence of a grandiose monument of engineering thought only in 1898 thanks to Robert Koldevey`s excavation. At excavation he found a network of the crossed trenches near the Iraqi city of Hilla (in 90 km from Baghdad) in which cuts and now traces of a half-ruined laying are visible.

There is also an opinion that gardens are called not in honor of that girl at all - Nebuchadnezzar`s beloved who was actually called in a different way, and sources of this version that according to ancient Greek records, Semiramis (assiriysk. Shamuramat) - was the queen of Assyria at the end of 9 century BC governing in two hundred years prior to Nebuchadnezzar and it was at enmity with Babylonians.

What from the aforesaid actually is the truth, we do not know, it is necessary only to build guesses and to admire beauty and grandness of this wonder of the world.