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What there is a DECEPTION? Let`s remember Laokoone by job search of

One of plots of Trojan war narrates about the priest Laokoona, warning residents of Troy about insidiousness of the Greeks who decided to present a gift in the form of the Trojan Horse. Be afraid of danayets, the gifts bringing - the priest appealed. What business ended with - it is known to all. The priest was punished by gods, the Horse was accepted in gift, and Troy fell. For edification to descendants great Rhodes masters created a monument to Laokoon and his sons. The marble group had to symbolize the priest`s prophecy on the deception trapping everyone who is too trustful. Work of masters is dated 1st century BC, nevertheless, and we walk twice into a same water.

In search of examples of deception of employers I came across a website forum Work. ru where it is created black list of firms. The former staff of these firms warns about danaysky gifts offered by employers on interview. People are conducted also work, without cease, waiting for gold mountains and the dairy rivers in a land of milk and honey. And what their disappointment when it becomes clear that there is no salary and is not expected!

Therefore the first that future worker - to find out has to make that for a bird that firm which he decided to make happy with the emergence. Namely:

to Find the website in the Internet. Lack of the website indicates both a lack of financing, and unwillingness to shine . The last says that the firm has an obvious disorder with tax authorities, left suppliers and black salary.

to Take an interest black list firms on the websites devoted to job searches and workers. Can happen so that the firm appears in them.

to Talk to employees of firm. It is possible to ask questions of how long they work at firm whether the salary is regular, whether there are works involving all hands. As a rule, employees make contact, especially those who did not receive gold mountains.

to Sign the employment contract or the turnkey contract. If, all - you decided to risk, then have to be sure that the contract will be signed with you. Besides other conditions in the contract make a reservation: schedule of work, duty, salary. Also keep in mind, the contract is signed even on test term whatever the employer spoke. Lack of the contract is almost equivalent to voluntary refusal of any guarantees in the labor sphere. It means that in case of deception you by the employer it will be difficult to prove validity of your requirements.

So, all conditions are met, you work, but do not relax. Inspired by the got job, you can easily not notice a dirty trick. Therefore: - be photographed by

on a workplace;

- keep draft copies;

- write down talk with clients. All this

plus testimony of employees about presence you in firm as worker will help you to achieve justice.

Rescue of drowning - work drowning . The known aphorism urges us to work. Therefore if you did not receive a salary, it is necessary to address to the state inspectorate for work - the special body urged to regulate disputes and watches over observance of the labor legislation. But before writing the statement of claim, it is desirable to inform the employer of it. The rare head will remain indifferent to your prevention. Your appeal to government body will cause the mass of checks including tax. I do not know any employer who would rejoice to similar checks. Besides, non-compliance with requirements of the labor legislation is not only an administrative offense, but also is punished, according to Art. 5. 27 Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences, a penalty which sizes much more exceed your salary.

So, be not naive and trustful. Be afraid of danayets, the gifts bringing . Deception was, is and will be always. But there is also an opportunity to warn him.