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How it is not necessary to look for the bride? 401 - y a way of rather fair depriving of money

Ya about dating sites. At once I will tell - itself did not use, but heard that there is the whole positive number of those who successfully found the partner in life there. It can only rejoice and to welcome differently. When people found each other - what, in effect, a difference where: on dances, in the course of blowing-in of a blast furnace or when she dropped a glove in art gallery, and it lifted it? Or on correspondence on a dating site, at the end - that the ends?

But not everything is so radiant. And on this, in general, useful business, as well as on all friend as cockleshells on the bottom of the old ship, accrue different swindlers and cunning schemers. Here, for example, I had to hear not so long ago the story of one lady who earns additionally in marriage the Internet - agency a pismopisatelnitsa. I at first thought that it translates these letters. On the contrary! She writes them. Corresponds. That is, our brides who place the (mopeds) objyav there photoshoots and passionate appeals - not only are not able to write the letter in language of the foreign groom ( that would be quite pardonable and explainable ), but they do not wish to correspond with them at all: to read penetrating letters of elderly, lonely, but gentle and generous foreigners, especially, to calibrate with it the movements of the trembling souls...

- A fig to myself, - I was dumbfounded naive in amazement. On my antediluvian concepts if you want to construct marriage with the person moreover and to go with it to foreign lands, then it is necessary to communicate at least? Perhaps he is a bore or on the contrary what free moron? How it is even possible not to read in general what he writes?

Turned out that in the Internet - agencies there are for correspondence special people, and that not translators, and pismopisets. There are strict rules as well as what to write what not to write etc. Possibly, there are also samples (templates, preparations) of such letters...

Then these foreigners come to get acquainted, and my familiar lady goes with the fallen in love couple - transfers - to restaurants and on walks. By the way, it is young, clever and remarkably good itself, and I a little bit marveled that brides and agency this fact does not disturb. Recently she told one amusing episode from such walk as the magnificent blonde successfully parted the groom on expensive gift.

And after a while I - it is perfect from other source - heard the same story about the same gift, and it became clear that I know this blonde long ago and that she there, in this agency, works.

- Whom? - I because the girl, as if is more correct to tell it, though quite smooth in appearance, but not Spinoza was surprised.

- Well as whom? Bride! - the storyteller answered me.

It appears, the blonde at all also does not think to marry the elderly foreigner. Moreover, there at all in principle there are no persons interested to marry. All girls there that work . Brides. Namely: breed trustful foreign chickens by Ostap Bender`s method (the truth, it had only 400 ways of rather fair depriving or withdrawal of money) for fee of agency, gifts, parcels, restaurants, money for language lessons and so forth and so forth. The Russian women (and for them all in the CIS Russians) are so highly appreciated in the world! And then they throw the groom and begin to milk new. Here and a solution - for what, I apologize, to figs to them then to correspond and communicate with them?

Though sometimes happens - both marry, and leave. Cupid`s arrows all - overtake priestesses of a profit. But it is rare.

Poor, poor trustful foreign chickens. They were told very much about special warm-heartedness of our women, about their unselfishness and dedication. And such fiasco. Or so it is also necessary to them? See, wanted to buy the gifts eternal devotion? And? How you think?