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How to earn from the hobby - needlework? As something is pleasant to be able to do part I

by the hands. And it is twice more pleasant when something turns out at you well and pleases people around. Needlework, perhaps, will never get out of fashion. And not only because it carries away, but also because besides pleasure of creation, it bears very big advantage. As it is pleasant when colleagues admire your newcomer a hand - meyd the jacket embroidered with a picture or a necklace from beads. And why not to make so that your favourite hobby brought in you the income? In this article we will consider how it can be carried out. As examples we will be served three by the most popular a type of needlework - knitting, embroidery and beadwork.

What to begin with? First of all you have to solve

for yourself how it will be most convenient to you to organize the pass - business. Whether there will be this production of products to order or you will offer potential buyers already ready works . On

it is the best of all for em to carry out the order large-scale " projects;: to knit clothes, to embroider big pictures or to spin technologically difficult necklaces. As for of ready works , this option is suitable for those who prefer to work on miniatures and to have fast earnings. Knitted napkins, tacks, toys, the small embroidered pictures or souvenirs like charms with an embroidery, beaded brasletik will not take you a lot of time for production. But and the buyer it will be simpler to find.

we Look for clients

Regardless of what way you chose, you need clients and buyers. Where to find them? First of all, pay attention to the environment. For certain your friends and colleagues know about your hobby and more than once admired your works. Not to mention that you could receive offers on performance of these or those amateur products earlier. So, first of all you need to let people know that you are ready to take from them the order. For this purpose it is not obligatory to approach each passer with a question at all: And want I to you I will connect / will weave / will embroider...? Just arrange yourself the small hidden advertizing campaign. Come in a new knitted jacket to work, put on the charm weaved out of beads the mobile phone or fix on the monitor of your working computer special embroidered corner . Colleagues will surely react to your transformations, here - that just and there will come time as if accidentally to suggest them to use your services. By the same principle it is possible to work also behind walls of office.

But it is optional to be limited to clients - acquaintances at all. It is possible to offer the ready works to bagetny workshops, art salons, shops of exclusive clothes, etc. At the same time you need to consider the fact that, as a rule, similar institutions do not guarantee realization of your product. So, the embroidered picture can hang for years waiting for the buyer. Therefore will not prevent to conduct small market research, and also to understand several simple psychological nuances of the potential buyer. Surely learn


  1. as much as possible about what is the institution chosen by you: what clients at it, what it specializes etc. in. It is hardly worth bearing in shop of fashionable youth clothes some shawl and - la farewell, youth! or on - monastic the closed sweater moreover and mouse color what remarkable they to you would not seem.

  2. Try to occupy a special niche. Let`s tell if in art salon there are already a lot of embroidered pictures, offer the pocket mirror issued by an embroidery or a casket. The modern industry of needlework offers also preparations for the hangers issued by an embroidery, handbags, a photoframework, bathing towels and it is a lot of another. By the way, on a possibility of production of these products it is necessary to pay special attention also for the reason about which we will talk in the following item.

  3. It will be a question of a simple psychological phenomenon. So, imagine that you came to shop and just fell in love with the embroidered landscape. Well eyes glued it is impossible to have! You are already ready to give for it big money and to hang up in the place of honor in your apartment. But! Present that to you friends came and took an interest whether you embroidered it (as option - whether the daughter / mother / wife / mother-in-law - if you the man). What will you answer? No, I bought it ? And now imagine the disappointed faces of the friends who prepared was to admire yours masterpiece. Of course, maybe, such situation will seem to you far-fetched, but, nevertheless, by recognition of many staff of shops of needlework or art salons possibility of such situations pushes away buyers from acquisition of similar things. With melochevka in this plan the situation is where as it is simpler.

Should not be forgotten also about the Internet. Now with prosperity of various blogs, diaries and forums there was an opportunity to create the pass - the Internet - shop. For this purpose it is enough to create the diary, to advertize it in special advertizing communities (notice - free of charge), and to further expose a photo and the description of your products there. At the moment in the RuNet there are several examples very and very successful little shops of such plan. However, it is possible to create also the real Internet - shop.

Besides, you should not forget about a possibility of advertizing of the services in special topics at forums. In the same place, by the way, it is possible to find also applications from employers where ask to help to embroider / finish an embroidery for a certain payment.

So, we considered ways of the organization of amateur business, and also customer acquisition options. In the following part of our article you will be able to learn about how to calculate the cost of your product, it is correct to pick up materials, and also about alternative ways of earnings on needlework. Minutes pleasant to you behind a favourite hobby!