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Practice of bio-energetics of

Useless expenditure

Any person spends personal stocks of energy on what got, without knowing even that something in general spends. The energy spent for such affairs as the evil and destruction is absolutely irreplaceably lost.

Any form of aggression shown by you devastates all your resources, destroys power of a great number of the people surrounding you, is irreversible distorts your destiny, destiny of your relatives.

Directed energy, agreed about an important meeting, in vanity began to be late, spent energy for car “call“ - as ill luck would have it, nobody wanted to give a ride you, it was necessary to stop the car the mental order! Came tearing along on a meeting and safely failed it only because you did not have enough energy for establishment of friendly contact with the person, in which hands your destiny. So occurs constantly, any desire carries away a part of our energy. I do not urge to refuse desires, but as in the fairy tale - carefully think over where to spend energy of your desire.

Rules of an exchange of energy

Any desire connected with advantage for others increases your energy due to inflow it from the Highest Forces. Any desire directed to finding of the benefits for itself or, what is even worse, to the detriment of another leads

to irreplaceable expenditure of energy. The urgent covering of deficiency occurs at the expense of emergency rations of vital forces, and as a result, to diseases.

Replenishment of stocks of energy

Communication with the nature brings your stocks of vital force into harmony, there is an internal redistribution of energy in an organism between the sites oversaturated and devastated. It occurs because in the nature there is a set of “samples“ with which your radio body “is verified“.

However in the world there is a set of places where so powerful forces prove that stay can be dangerous to the citizen damaged energetically there.

Pay attention:

Being outdoors, look narrowly at its external manifestations - avoid places with curves and the doubled trees.

You should not have a rest and on the forest glade which grew unexpectedly motley raznotravy are special places, they are called still geopathogenic zones. It is good to carry out shaman rituals to them, and to have a rest sometimes dangerously!

Listen to own feelings, entrust an organism - where you will feel cheerfulness inflow - run or quicken the pace, in this place the nature sucks your forces, and the wise organism gives the hint - “run away“.

Where you will feel a breakdown and drowsiness - safely you lay down and absorb energy - it is and prompts you an organism. Whether the lie, coffee encourages, taking away the last forces?

In each city there is a set of places with positive and negative power. Making walks, listen to the feelings - not everyone the square cozy in appearance suits for rest!

Time to stop

If you catch yourself on what unnecessary thought forms began to form, - look at desires, negative thoughts on the brightest light source - it will instantly interrupt the course of your fruitless dreams and will rescue from unnecessary expenses of energy.

Remember: no action in the Spiritual Plan can be made tensely - everything is made as“ by by magic “. You want, you possess excess of energy and all this that it is necessary for you.

Consciously avoid any direct impact on people. At most, that is admissible, and at least that you have to do - to direct love waves from heart to heart.

Constantly practice: gather any books, try any methods.

Look for power information streams everywhere - from people, animals, houseplants, in the wood and in the city. Always commensurate the saved-up force and the acquired sensitivity because a deviation in one of the parties, hi or to the fact that you will go on life regardless of obstacles, or you will become nervous and painfully susceptible.

Correlate the acts to the available knowledge, create, create and remember - ways thousands, the main thing that the way was with heart!

It is prepared on the materials “ Manuals on a survival in the Doomsday “ Oleg Pokrovsky