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The blogger is a profession? Having glanced

in a rating of blogs, saw an arrow up. Per day rose up by thirty three thousand positions?! Anything to, intellectual sport! And carries away.

Today hardly waited for midday to look at new figures. Up on two seven hundred. Does not impress any more, there is a wish to jump through hundreds of thousands of users and to be among the first. Whether not to study for this purpose experience of masters?

I watch the blogs entering the first hundred in popularity on the basis of these ratings. I see many photos and video. The text is coherent, but naively - trite. Mention of the known names. Commenting of events in a moment after they becomes known, - with some arrogance of the recognized authority is dictated the due attitude towards them. As though behind the back of popular bloggers there is force which knows how it is necessary . Or perhaps so it also is? Always anyway directed masses, and the mass of users will follow for certain recognized leaders. Means, people of those who direct have to be recognized leaders. And their work for certain is well paid.

This question interested me, and there was a wish to learn whether it is possible not just to scribble something for anything, and to work as the blogger and to get paid for it. It turned out that there are such options, and some corporations employ skilled journalists for blogging. Several articles of the general character and on topic of the day attract to the blog of readers, and for the sake of development of the fallen in love subjects they come to the blog which interested them again and again, without paying attention to the advertizing flashing in it any more. There passes some time, and it turns out that people became attached to brand, fell in love with it for pithiness of the blog. Sales grow, and the easy feather of the blogger is appreciated above and above.

Pleasant this business - to provoke dialogues with nice people, and, admiring beautiful faces on avatars, to receive quite thought over answers. And it is absolutely remarkable if it brings in both the income, and popularity. Enjoying communication, you become the famous person, and already your opinion begins to be quoted so as if you are a public figure. But indeed figure. You act with the word, changing life to the best.

So, the blogger - a profession, and a good profession, public, for vigorous. It would seem, just you write, how to the personal diary what some kind people are so inclined to. But to these records special people - meet with powers, with intelligence, with influence. To it, happens, not to be risen in ordinary life, and in the blog you talk to them as equals and heart-to-heart. There are also unpleasant meetings, but it is much less of them, than in the ordinary, at least because here alien rushes by to the values is invisible to the person, without touching in any way. Dissatisfied it is lazy to knock on keys to express the relation, I will erase, and nothing will remain. It is possible to sing solovyyom, to be filled in and hardly anyone - that will ask not to rustle, but sympathizing will respond. The are isolated, then even more, and every day the circle of the most native people on spirit are more and more.

Together we read, we listen, we think - all necessary materials are quickly delivered to the house by the omnipotent Internet. Any standing find of one in a flash comes to others in the form of the reference - a gift. We generously share ideas, images and samples. Sometimes we remember an aphorism about apples which number is not multiplied from gifting by them of others, unlike ideas which in the eyes acquire descendants in the third - the fifth - the tenth knee. There is not enough unless contacts, biofields and, maybe, game of samolyubiya. It is interesting too if to know when to stop. But all this can easily be added, the main thing - for each other to be, and cards, high-speed transport and sellers of what embodies common interests will help further.

What it would be desirable right now, so combinations of blogs with Skype that monologues and remarks registered not small letters, but a live sound, and already the sound would be transferred to the text. And, if we are linked to somebody languages that it was both an audio recording, and the text, and, perhaps, too some universal schemes that it was possible to get one click to the interesting conversation turn. Plus indexation (or tags) that it was possible to podsobrat in a flash on any subject of suitable pieces. At the same time and a certain ponimatel - an osmyslitel that to merge these pieces together. It would seem, for this purpose own head is given. But try from a heap of the poleznost, in mix representing ordinary stuff, quickly at rate of our life, to collect something standing! Without semi-finished product not really - that will turn out. Therefore the collector of sense from attracted to us detalek is necessary. And we as - nibud will bring a ready smyslomekhanizm to mind.

What I want from the blog now, is somehow very faithful to for what before were required whole scientifically - research institutes. The blogger is a researcher and the author of the scientific works. Its science is on a joint of all areas available to it and at the level available to it. It is a pity that sometimes this level is low. But perfectly selection mechanisms work. We in forces to select employees in the " research group; among all experts, languages writing on known to us.

The blogger - the profession uniting the mass of other professions it will also be very difficult to write the program for the higher blogger education and qualification requirements for licensing. All this, probably, will be, but yet anything there is no similar. Here and perfectly. It is less than efforts distracting from business less sufferings at those who in a profession are not let by formalities. Wanted to become the blogger - became him, and let us will be though as much how many people on a terrestrial ball, - everyone will be necessary to someone.

We go to work, colleagues!