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Epilog of

I anything, I am not important - important knowledge . No, you are important and valuable. You are unique, and in it your value, sense of life. Involution of spirit, matter dawn, all Impossible opportunity shown through you opens to the world what was put many in time millions years ago. You are an opener and you are a creator! The immense sea of material substance is opened before your look. The life which is poured all paints of probabilities and opportunities of existence in any forms, substances, spaces.

Novel you carry the huge world in yourself, buried by vanity and based in oblivion. But here light gets and covers darkness of depths about which you only vaguely suspected, had only a presentiment. As it is important - to have a presentiment of it! Unconscious thought, the pining feeling, misunderstood existence... Everything lights up with new feeling. It pushes forward, does not allow to stop, awakens warm courage and courage. What there would be with us without it, put in us by God, presentiments? Useless existence, unused chance of the birth, and again Final infinity.

Light granted by belief expands borders of unknown, reveals soul hiding places about which did not suspect. The lotus dismisses snow-white sheets, and the internal, hidden earlier light covers darkness. The bright, poured fire of the spiritualized matter appears to our look. You fade in mute delight.

your look enriched this world with new, until then the novel party. You are a creator, you created what was not to you. It was necessary to transfer, retell, help to see this world to people, and here you are a professional, talent, the genius. A half of business is made. Now - forward!

Time to collect stones. Hour after an hour, using all attention of which it is capable, you begin to comprehend depth of the task set for you. Quite so you can reveal all secret and the hidden sense of the birth, comprehend that right now, exactly here and quite so, but not differently. The new point of view on the habitual facts is similar to a look from the outside. Not you looking from a window, and the world loving and goodhearted, with a crafty smile look on you on a spark of your soul. Light lights up so habitual your housing. The God`s temple changed, and it became easy, light-, comfortably. Let it be!

the Most difficult is to develop in itself the due attitude towards all surrounding, and especially to the neighbors. The person should forget many of the former habits and to get new, answering to the changed living conditions. The harmonious trinity of the person means his instinctive thirst for light, for eternity, for boundless kindness. Usual courtesy it has to replace

in itself(himself) with condescension, tolerance and readiness for self-sacrifice. And only this way he can deserve a precious award - true friendly devotion. From it words of gratitude are not required - he in practice will render good for good, will replace visibility with essence.

Work and only work bares human soul up to its depths. The impossibility of advance is dogmatism forward. And only this way - the tired, emaciated traveler who sat down concludes to have a rest on a roadside stone. Also there are no forces to rise, there are no forces to storm these snow-white tops, there are no forces...

to Gather, to think over experience, to weigh mistakes and victories, to decide - to go further or not. And to give a mental, accurate and distinct order. To a body, soul, reason.

Pass... Any news? Boundlessness and freedom. Eternal boundlessness and boundless freedom. Their essence - the life shining sides of probabilities of existence in any forms, substances, spaces. And everything flows, everything changes, obedient to an initial Arrhythmic rhythm, this great Something which we call Life.

Creative creation of Life Life!