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By what to us Colin Macrae was remembered? Only one and a half months ago I watched

how Colin Macrae - a live legend of motorsport! - tells about the victories to one of reporters and shows how he passes difficult bends. Nobody could even think that later couple of days on September 15 Colin will not become. It happened at the time of landing of the helicopter which was operated by him. That day not only Colin Macrae, but also his five-year-old only son died. On September 15 at many fans and fans of motorsport heart was broken off. For many Colin became an idol. They were not left by thoughts that more nobody will see how Colin masterly passes a bend for a bend.

Again including video about the legendary racer, I see his photos when Colin Macrae was absolutely a child. The first photo which catches sight is a picture where Colin sits on a tricycle. Then the photo where to future racer only seven, and he already sits on the motorcycle together with the brother Alistair. The powerful grasp of a wheel and a furious look still then told: I will become the best .

To Colin Macrae his father Jimmy Macrae, the five-time world champion imparted love to cars since the childhood. From early age Colin did not leave a workshop of the grandfather. There it also assembled the first own motorcycle.

His mother Margaret Macrae told: The Child my son just stuck to mechanics which then became his work . Already in the following photo it is visible how Colin Macrae sits in the children`s seat fastened on the place driver`s and holds a car wheel. The father said that the son is given birth for speed. He saw how from the infancy, Colin waited for that hour when at last takes the wheel of the rally car.

By 14 years Colin won the Scottish Junior Scrambling and Intermediate Trials championships, satisfying with that the Need for Speed, so far he could not translate the attention to four wheels. But it was necessary to wait not for long. In 1985 Colin for the first time started at rally competitions in Avenger on Kames Stages where it well went, did not move down after the journey on a roadside yet. That day it finished the fourteenth. To it nobody gave advice, and he constructed all the career way itself together with team of guys of autoclub.

Jimmy Macrae could not but support the initiative of the son and bought the Talbot Sunbeam racing car. However, at first to Colin him it was forbidden to ride.

In 1986 Colin was nicknamed Flying brick when it occupied 18 - e a final place in the Esso championship. In a new season future legendary racer received the new car, the new pilot and new opportunities, namely to speak at more considerable tournaments. At that time the furgonchik which intended for family business became Colin`s workshop. The van served for transportation of the racing car to the place of start, and also for its repair. Sometimes Macrae joked that more time repairs a van, but not the car.

Colin was a furious racer, he was guided by the law a pedal in a floor but in most cases flew in a ditch or had an accident. Only three years later Colin became sensation, having overtaken Steve Blomkvist`s legend on one of snow sites, but in a total rating of the championship took only the 15th place. Though it was enough that the company Ford suggested it to act next year on Sapphire Cosworth.

Jimmy Macrae had no bottomless monetary pocket therefore yet not absolutely skilled Colin without due financing could not break through in team, but rescue came from nowhere - it was David Richards. The person who brought Subaru into rally and led Colin Macrae to great success.

Successfully acting in the next years, Colin and his new pilot Rotmans Legasi got access to WRC (World Racing Cup) in 1992. That year the British newspapers only also did that released materials where admired Colin Macrae. In 1992 he could not become world champion from - for the punctured wheel in the last race, but was not going to give up.

In 1993 Colin won the first victory in New Zealand, having become the world champion. From this point also a series of victories of the great racer begins. Colin Macrae practically did not lose any World Cup from 1993 to 1999, only few times it became the second or third, but all the same remained on a pedestal.

Having won 25 victories in rally races, it could not but be remembered also to kids. Children and teenagers of the whole world knew it as a star of one of the most popular computer games which appeared this year already in the sixth edition. I hope that after death of the legendary racer a series will not stop and will remind everything that Colin Macrae`s victories live in the hearts of many fans and fans of motorsport.