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Who the first offered youth To Grind away at the " studies;?

on October 11, 1922, 85 years ago, in Moscow the V All-Russian Congress of RKSM opened. Congress was in many respects defining, at least because Civil war came to an end (liberation of Vladivostok from the Japanese aggressors became on October 25, 1922 its last page). Congress lasted five days, and at it many resolutions which defined then further development of the country were accepted.

It is enough to remember Vladimir Ilyich Lenin`s appeal to youth to look after over voyenno - navy. Since October, 1922 hundreds of thousands of young people rushed to build the ships, to plow on them open spaces of the World Ocean, to strengthen combat readiness is working - country Red fleet.

Or not less fatal resolution on merging of all pioneer groups in the children`s communistic organization Young pioneers of Spartak . Somebody remembers today that the first association of young Leninists bore a name of Spartak? Notice, not CSKA, Zenith or " Locomotive; namely leader of revolt of slaves.

Now and about pioneers - that is remembered by not everyone. And here the address to youth to grind away at the " studies; is not present and appears on pages of our press, in radio - and TV reports, especially in judgment days on September 1 and on May 25 when there take place celebratory assemblies in school. Always there is a person who in the microphone wishes to graduates further to grind away at the " studies; at schools and higher education institutions!

But very few people know that this expression much more capacious and figurative. In Lev Davidovich Bronstein`s lips (he is Trotsky) it sounded literally so: I address you and through you all to the most sensitive, most honest, most conscious layers of the young proletariat and advanced peasantry with an appeal: study, grind away young teeth at the studies, become tempered and prepare on change! .

As we see, from a popular expression dropped out young teeth. And they also gave to this phrase a certain color. Only young teeth it is possible to swot away with a crunch! To you not a chicken stone to have a bite it! Granite - the strong mountain granular breed consisting generally of quartz, feldspar and mica...

For fans of statistics I can tell that Trotsky repeated the juicy phrase about teeth and granite two times within one minute. In Bulletins V of the All-Russian Congress of PKCM released " publishing house; Young Guard in 1923, all statement entirely is provided. I can quote it: Most of all companions, we should study, most of all to study. And as fight will be long to a victory of world working class, we should study not hastily, and seriously and for a long time. The science - not a simple thing, and social science including, is granite, and it should be gnawed young teeth because if the situation is within the country heavy now and if the transition period complicates understanding of the class nature of the state, then pritt the generalizing science " to the aid owes;. Word to come it was written then as pritt I left spelling.

However, I am not abandoned by some feeling of a deja vu. Somewhere we already heard it: To Study, to study and study . I do not know who at whom this phrase spionerit on - Spartak : whether Lenin at Trotsky, whether Trotsky at Lenin. But it is not an essence important: main thing that thought very correct. And maybe, both of them transferred from the German Marx. You remember: As it is necessary to study much that the nobility " at least is not enough;? Here that the translation difference means.

On the other hand, this phrase could not live longer than congress of RKSM if Lev Davidovich did not repeat it to the place and out of place. It is published also in article of Trotsky devoted to a release of the first issue of the youth magazine Change which appeared one and a half years later, on January 25, 1924. Then the country took Vladimir Ilyich Lenin`s death very hard, and greedy read newspapers and magazines, seeking to find a definite answer on a question: How to live without Lenin? .

As in number Changes left Trotsky`s article, for me still a riddle. Shortly before it he addressed with the open letter party members with condemnation of policy of Stalin, Kamenev and Zinovyev for the New Economic Policy

C 1924 for 1928 iudushka Trotsky as the leader of the world proletariat called it once, carried out in political isolation, and in 1929 was sent from the USSR. 10 years later Joseph Stalin gave the order to liquidate this enemy of the people. On a twist of fate his death was indirectly connected with granite. The Spanish communist Ramon Merkader fatally wounded Trotsky an ice axe which intends to drive in pegs in the granite rock. There was it on August 20, 1940.

However, the Soviet authorities publicly rejected the participation in murder. Merkader was sentenced by the Mexican court to twenty years` imprisonment. And as soon as he went out of prison in 1960, the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR on assignment almost right there followed him ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union Comments are excessive