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How to make a smile snow-white?

Advertising - it not only the engine of trade, but also the encyclopedia of the correct life.

Thanks to it we know not less dentists about kislotno - alkaline balance and as Pater Noster we remember that it is necessary to brush twice a day teeth, to regularly visit the stomatologist and to chew Dirol after each meal.

Advertizing convinced us that a white teeth smile - panacea from all troubles and guarantee of success in private life, career and a success guarantee in general...

Widely raspiarenny chewing gum with the inscription White generated not only snow-white grins on posters and glossy pages, but also the crowds which are eager to make teeth white in any way. And demand, as we know, generates the offer. Also there were hundreds of clinics, magic pastes and other a miracle - the means promising to change cardinally color of our teeth.

For a start - before talking about methods and means of bleaching - we will understand why teeth turn yellow.

The brownish raid appears at one and all sooner or later (all people eat). But what at one teeth is lighter, and at others is more dark, depends also on natural properties, and also on whether the person of coffee abuses, cigarettes or has useful habits, type to rinse a mouth after food and to regularly use the bleaching paste.

If you the active smoker who in liters drinks strong coffee and neglects toothbrushing twice a day then is not present doubt that your teeth became covered by unpleasant yellowness. Enamel can become literally brown as a result of the use of some drugs (for example, antibiotics of tetracycline group). Besides over the years in tooth fabric the pigment melanin can collect.

And still. What to do if it is possible to call your smile dazzling only with a big stretch?

Fight against a raid in house conditions.

it is not obligatory for b to sound alarm, to buy the drastic bleaching remedies or to rush in dental clinic on expensive procedure. Not to allow a raid to locate strongly on your teeth, as a rule, it is enough to add to the daily " procedure; toothbrush + " paste; pinch of usual baking soda. In the same purposes it is possible to use essential oil of a lemon or a tea tree. The instant effect can achieve in a couple of minutes, poskobliv tooth surface absorbent carbon.

However, it is possible to add nothing, and just to buy the bleaching toothpaste which range already reads off scale in shop. Producers do not promise snow-white effect at once, next day, but the active components which are a part of such paste will be useful in fight against a raid and yellowness. If you have sensitive enamel (your teeth feel hot, cold, sweet), it is the best of all to alternate the bleaching paste to usual.

Professional polishing.

1. House bleaching appeared insufficiently? Then it is worth addressing experts who will professionally clean your enamel.

The most widespread way - by means of special devices, for example, the air method - flow (cleaning by a current of air under big pressure) or ultrasonic cleaning at which the metal tip due to high-frequency vibration deletes a raid from a tooth surface. After that enamel is polished with the fluorinated paste. As a result the tooth surface becomes smooth, and formation of a scale is postponed for considerable term.

2. If the hard case (color of cells of the enamel is changed), a dairy shade can be got, having applied porcelain crowns or slips - vinira. The smile will please with a pearl whiteness and faultless correctness of teeth, but here it will be difficult to eat croutons or apple. Such miracle of stomatology demands rather careful attitude.

3. If it is necessary to make teeth 2 - 3 tones lighter, various preparations on the basis of peroxide of hydrogen or a carbamide are used. (Under the influence of it the molecules pigmented are displayed on colourless). Apply these means as in the conditions of clinic, and at home. But also in that, and in other case - under supervision of the doctor. Procedure which repeats not more often than 1 - 2 time a year has also a number of contraindications as that: existence of old seals, hypersensitivity, enamel damages, allergic reaction to the components which are a part of a preparation. It is impossible to do bleaching minor, to pregnant women or the nursing mothers.

And now small educational program.

White (and healthy!) teeth are loved:

when look after them - carefully brush twice a day good;

rough food - fresh vegetables and fruit, bread of a rough grinding, etc.;

if after food the hostess rinses a mouth or chews minutes on the 15th chewing gum;

a hand of professionals (it is possible to entrust bleaching only to experts who will not do much harm enamels and will not injure it).

White teeth are not loved:

cigarettes, coffee, strong tea;

food rich with dyes, sweet, fat, flour (so to speak, soft food which should not be chewed);

if after food between them remain crumbs and parts which can soon turn into a raid and over time - into a scale; when they are cleaned which - as, it is lazy carrying out by a brush there and back;

when the hostess smears them with the bleaching means of a doubtful origin or addresses stomatologists - laymans.

Here, in principle, and all. The main thing, it is necessary to remember that a dazzling, bright smile not necessarily snow-white. The smile radiant and sincere, draws to itself attention that with all the heart.

Smile! Because the smile is that curve which straightens everything .