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How to cut a bang?

the good hairstyle are the key to success and good mood. And not a secret that we, women, adore experimenting with flowers, shades of the hair, to cut off, let grow and stack various configurations at itself on the head

One more important detail in a hairdress of the modern woman of fashion is a bang. What bang to choose as to lay it and even to straighten with the hands, we also will talk today. So What bang to choose


Long slanting, universal, it will become decoration of owners of a square, oval and round face type, having counterbalanced proportions.

Long geometrical will truncate a long, longish face of rectangular type, will visually soften a heavy chin.

Deaf, dense, from an ear to an ear will suit the owner of a narrow face. It is strictly contraindicated to full-faced young ladies.

Short it is not recommended to span if you have wide cheekbones and a big forehead.

the Straight line, to eyebrows suits one and all.

By the way, at the choice of a bang it is necessary to be guided also by age and growth. Low girls have to refuse the magnificent, combed bangs, and to girls high and full on the contrary does not go zalizannost because the head from it looks disproportionately small.

If you have hair

Thin, recommends a deaf bang which begins on the top, lines of hair are higher. It will visually make a hairdress more dense, volume and magnificent.

Curly, be afraid of a dense bang (it will stack extremely difficult). Give preference to the rare bang laid on one side.

Rigid, disobedient. Avoid a short bang, otherwise it obstinately will stand upright. Ideal option - a rare bang of average length.

Ideal laying

the Straight hair should be dried, directing the hair dryer from top to down and at the same time doing the movements by a brush. If the bang needs volume, the current of air needs to be directed to the basis, roots of hair.

the Hard hair needs to be prepared for laying: to apply on them serum or an unruly hair cream. After that to fix in the necessary situation.

Curling previously smooth with special cream (which and is called - smoothing), then keep within a round brush.

Dampness - the main enemy of a bang

Now when the fashionable chelochka is laid, needs to keep somehow it until the end of day. The main danger trapping work of five-minute laying on the street is a humidity. If your hair in wet weather pushatsya also begin to curl (hair thin by nature or washed up before an exit to the street especially suffer), cover them with antifreeze, the straightening means and use the special conditioner.

The return problem is a siccation of the hair suffering from hot air (from the hair dryer), from direct sunshine or salty sea water. For their protection use those means which hold moisture in a hair, do not forget about protective balms and masks.

How to straighten independently

1. Choose the sharpest scissors from what is at home.

2. Separate a bang from bulk of hair, having pinned up them so that did not disturb, and separate excess hairs did not mix up with a bang.

3. It is necessary to cut only dry hair. Otherwise, having cut a wet bang, you can find out that hvatanul it is too much: after drying hair are in the habit to rise.

4. Leave couple of spare centimeters if you have a curling head of hear: curls, being twisted in ringlets, rise.

5. Cut extremely carefully, directing scissors - attention! - at an angle 45 degrees, selecting small locks and cutting off on slightly - slightly.

Here, in principle, and everything that eksperementatorsha can advise. Still it is possible to recommend before conceiving: But whether not to cut off to me hair? to get the most useful computer " program; Stylist in which it is possible to look at results (predictable or unpredictable) the future experiences. But council number one which we cannot hold back, - trust the head to professionals as one incorrect movement by scissors - and time! - several months of bad mood and a depression from - for ridiculous to you are provided to an oversight. Whether costs?