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The main thing that the suit sat? We choose color.

Creating own style in clothes, first of all, it is necessary to emphasize the charm, all the advantages and to hide shortcomings. All people different, at everyone the identity, it is necessary to be able not to hide for backs of others, but also not to be evident when it is not required. At the choice of a business suit, of course, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to how he on you sits whether it is convenient to you in it and whether there is it to you to the person.

But I think that many will agree also that color of clothes plays not the last role at making decision on acquisition of this or that thing. Of course, first of all it is necessary to defer to the taste and intuition, but, nevertheless, exist laws of " color; which will help to decide to you on the choice, to pick up the corresponding color not only under your today`s mood, but also so that he was an assistant the forthcoming day. Moreover, color of your suit can tell about your character and even about hidden (and maybe obvious) talents.

So, we will begin. Classics of modern style, undoubtedly, the black suit is. Probably, it is connected with the fact that black color always in fashion, it is universal, will approach any shirt, a blouse, any tie, boots, shoes. Black color will emphasize identity, independence, refinement both men, and women.

Psychologists consider that the person in whose clothes the clothes of black color prevail prefers to hide the feelings from people around, becomes reserved, defends from life and tries to hide uncertainty in himself. However in combination with white he emphasizes elegance and gives self-reliance.

White color in turn is associated with purity and sincerity, but in one country it will be put on a wedding, and in another - a funeral. Nevertheless, the suit of white color will help out you during a summer heat, will emphasize beauty and charm of a suntanned body, will refresh complexion, but - will visually increase the sizes of your body.

Gray is associated with restraint and nonchalance. Can cause despondency and grief, but if skillfully to pick up accessories to a suit, then the attention of the interlocutor will automatically switch to your person, a mimicry, gestures, to your voice and intonation. Gray - color of intelligence, does not cause pleasure, does not cause grief. Adjusts for work, its daily occurrence does not distract.

Darkly - blue color will help to sustain a distance between you and your interlocutor. Will emphasize reason superiority over feelings. Brightly - blue color is associated with depth of thought and intelligence since is color of sea and heavenly depth, will be pertinent when interviewing. The suit gently - blue color will suit people open, with the easy temper preferring flirtation in the relations with an opposite sex. Blue color weakens, calms, envelops and will be suitable for a meeting in the small friendly company.

Choosing a business suit, it is also necessary not to forget and about accessories. Correctly and with taste picked up, they will draw attention of colleagues and partners to your person, will interest, and perhaps and will intrigue.

What else colors used in clothes will help us to reveal?

Pink color will emphasize tenderness and romanticism of nature. Will help to look much younger and will give charms. Red color, on the contrary, will indicate force and confidence of character. It is not recommended to put on red if you want to make impression of the serious, modest person, and here he will help to look courageous and temperamental, undoubtedly.

Orange color is considered color of enthusiasm and vital force, it is preferred by people cheerful, cheerful and vigorous. This color is preferred by young people who try to live for today, lead active lifestyle and rejoice to every moment.

Yellow color symbolizes the Sun. Also suits the one who wants to make impression of the witty, benevolent person. Most likely, you will not be taken seriously, but you about yourself will leave good and joyful impression, by all means.