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And where you put the car?

As are frequent, approaching the house, I observe the same picture: the elderly neigbour makes the way to an entrance through a system of the foreign cars which are carefully parked on a porch... Periodically I see the girlfriend who went out for a walk with the child in a carriage and was blocked by a ring iron horses near an entrance.

This picture is familiar to you? How?! You do not park in not put places, and your " car; spends the night on the parking or in garage?! Then - low mine to you bow, dear reader!

I have no garage, and the place on the parking stands too expensive - someone from you will tell. But we buy clothes and we do not throw it anywhere, and we get for it a case, we buy the TV, and at the same time and a curbstone for it, we buy books and a case for them etc. So why, buying the car, we do not think of where we will put it?

The part of our population changed freedom received 15 years ago in the form of democracy for permissiveness and rudeness. The most important that (this part of the population) it was convenient to it to flutter out in the morning from an entrance, to make only one tiny short step and to come to be in the favourite Bmvushechka or Nissanchik`s cozy salon. Also you will think that some there granny makes the way on bushes on the street or young mother with a carriage patiently waits when their majesty sail away

Unfortunately, hardly you will manage to see a teleplot on this subject. Welfare of our citizens contrary to everything grows by leaps and bounds. More than 80% of families in Moscow have cars (some - not one) so problems of pedestrians for most of the capital population already stopped being actual. But angry reportings about the ungirdled " tow trucks; and about evening traffic jams all channels dazzle.

And as all our autopublic after increase of penalties for traffic violation of the rules rebelled! In telenews, in analytical programs, in special reportings within a week journalists tried to call to account the Government for so draconian measure concerning unfortunate offenders. Well, misters, well it is ridiculous, it - god! So do not violate you these rules and unreasonably high penalties you will not pay. What`s the problem? And the problem is that we got used to break everything and everywhere and to be surprised when we are tried to be called for responsibility for deeds.

But, unfortunately, there are such crimes for which in most cases drivers do not bear responsibility though on severity they can be equated to murder. You never thought of that how many people lost the lives, without having waited Ambulance to which unscrupulous motorists did not give way? Believe, there is a lot of such cases. It will be less of them if each of us in a similar situation, presents that this " carriage; Ambulance can hurry to our friends, acquaintances, relatives

What it I all about sad? Yes quiet autumn evening, on October 2 this year was remembered to me There was a fire at the Moscow institute of the public and corporate management that in Vykhino. 6 people died. With own eyes saw how people jumped out of windows of the burning building.

Terrible show The most sad that they could be rescued, but firefighters were prevented by randomly parked cars. The fire truck with a ladder could not approach the building

Let`s learn from this a lesson...

Take care also the relatives!