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How to type the text in Japanese? By means of a text editor.

Knowledge of foreign languages are not only a sufficient, but also necessary condition today to get highly paid job to read books and information articles in the original to communicate with foreign partners and friends.

Traveling around the different countries, we meet new people, we make to ourselves friends, and communication in the native language of the interlocutor allows us to understand better an image of his thinking, to be acquainted with its culture. When we talk in one language, we are become closer by perception of an inner world of the interlocutor.

In a century of development of computer technologies the set of opportunities of communication of people from the different countries appeared, one them them is the possibility of communication on e - mail.

It is much easier to perceive the text when it is written in language in which interlocutors talk, but not in a transliteration, we will allow. Than language is more difficult and more exotic, for example, Japanese, Chinese or Hindi, subjects it is more difficult to learn and understand as well as by means of what program it is possible to type the text into the computer.

If in the Russian alphabet thirty three letters, in English - twenty six, then in Japanese - the whole two alphabets (hiragana and katakana), and in each of them on forty six syllables. Moreover in addition about three thousand hieroglyphs. How them to find room for all on one small keyboard? Believe, the answer to this question is, and it is much simpler, than can seem at first sight.

The simply and a way of typing available today in Japanese - use of a text editor of JWPce. As the main advantage of this program it is possible to consider a possibility of input of hieroglyphs without installation of system support of Japanese. The program is developed by Glenn Rosenthal and is compatible to all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 95 above. On the personal page of the author on the Internet it can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. The total amount of adjusting files makes no more than 11 MB, but there is also cut down version of the program for the minimum installation which size occupies 5 MB of disk space.

JWPce comprises Japanese - English and English - the Japanese dictionary, the reference book of hieroglyphs, an opportunity to find a hieroglyph, without knowing its reading provided that you know how it is written and/or of what keys consists.

How to use the program?

should type the Text Latin which, in turn, will automatically be transformed to hiragana. To pass to katakana, it is necessary to press the " key only; Caps Lock .

If you along with hieroglyphs need to type the text in Russian or English, use for this purpose a combination of the Ctrl+A keys. And to return to the typing mode in Japanese, press Ctrl+K (keyboard layout pattern at the same time, as well as in all other cases of use " hot keys; has to be in the English-speaking mode).

For transformation of the words which are written down by hiragana to hieroglyphs it is necessary to italicize the word and to press the F2 key. In the lower part of a text editor options of writing of the selected word will appear. It is necessary just to choose as the cursor that option which suits you then the selected word will be replaced with a hieroglyph.

To obtain information on any hieroglyph (value, reading, amount of lines), it is necessary to install the cursor before the hieroglyph interesting you and to press the Ctrl+I key.

For the translation of the word it is necessary to allocate it with the cursor and to press the F6 key. You can adjust the dictionary on the discretion: there is a possibility of search of the word entirely, on initial letters, on letters on which the word comes to an end. Also in the program the possibility of connection of additional dictionaries is put. After you found the word necessary to you in order that it was displayed in a text editor, it is necessary to press the " key; Insert to file .

If you want to find a hieroglyph, but do not know its reading, there are next ways:

Radical Lookup - search in any amount of lines of a hieroglyph.

Bushu Lookup - search in amount of lines of which the key or a hieroglyph and others consists.

But it is, as they say, already subtleties which you will master in process . Progress to you! Gambatte kudasai.