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How to satisfy gourmet inquiries of your cat?

the Domestic cat thousands of years lived near the person and served him.

Initially its presence was caused by need - the cat caught rodents, than and fed herself, and protected master`s property.

Now when the cat became just the favourite and the family member, already the person looks after her and cares for her livelihood.

And the modern coddled domestic cat has to eat strictly according to the schedule: aged to 3 - x months - 6 times a day; with 3 - x to 6 - ti months - 4 - 5 times a day; since 6 - ti months - to 3 - x once a day. After 8 - mi months the cat becomes adult and has to eat twice a day: around eight - nine mornings and six - seven o`clock in the evening. It is possible to feed cats as a dry feed (the premium - a class surely is not lower), and natural products.

Milk diet.

And I a cow will buy. From a cow advantage big - she milks - said, drinking milk from a 3-liter jar, a cat Matroskin in our favourite animated film Vacation to Prostokvashino . But, as practice shows and veterinarians, to cats from whole cow`s milk not advantage claim, and only harm is more often: organisms of many adult cats (as, by the way, and adults) badly acquire dairy sugar (lactose) that causes diarrhea.

To give to kittens and cats goat milk much more usefully (even with honey), sour cream, curdled milk and cottage cheese - about 10 - 15 g on 1 kg of cat`s weight.

Except dairy products in a cat`s diet fresh drinking water, fish, meat, eggs, fats and oils, and also vegetables and cereals are necessary. Well, about everything one after another...

A cat - not the fisherman. As everything knows to

, cats were, is and will always be predators. However not everyone manages to catch fish with whom we got used to feed cats in a native habitat even to the most sophisticated cat`s hunters. Therefore any fish, both sea, and river, both crude, and boiled, it is necessary to enter into a diet no more, than 1 - 2 time a week. Fish we clear of scales, we delete large bones and we cut small pieces. We give river fish only in a boiled look, and sea - in crude (at the same time it is not necessary to give a cod and a pollock). Well to fish to give to a cat rye bread or croutons.

Hunting trophy .

Clear business that domestic cats, even the hungriest and angry, will not be able to fill up a cow, a lamb or a crawl. But do not forget that our lovely murlyk - distant relatives of large and very strong wild cats to whom and a buffalo - that for lunch not a problem. Therefore we include in a diet the beef (which is small cut by pieces and scalded by boiled water), mutton (young and low-fat), meat of a rabbit (boiled and without bones), meat of chicken or a turkey (boiled and without bones too). On a cat of 4 - 5 kg a day 50 - 100 g of any meat have to leave. Forcemeat, especially store origins it is better not to give at all - ground meat quickly passes through intestines and is badly acquired.

And here various offal of a cat is very much loved: we give a liver not more often than once a week (the crude liver affects intestines as laxative, boiled - fixes); kidneys, vitamin-rich, before preparation we soak not less than an hour and only then we boil; we give heart and a hem Murkam only in a boiled look. Cartilaginous stones of broiler chickens will not allow to be formed to a scale, and chicken or quail eggs, surely fresh, in a crude or boiled look, will make wool of your favourite brilliant and elastic.

Cat`s vegetarianism.

If your cat sometimes becomes herbivorous - eats vegetables and fruit - it is just fine! It is possible to give all that is eaten, but it is obligatory in crude (not salty or fresh-salted) and in a grated look: carrots, cabbage (the cauliflower is especially useful), apples, cucumbers, any greens. Germinated grains of oats, barley, wheat containing vitamins of B and C groups are very useful.

It is possible to give a nettle (it is better young escapes), previously having scalded it boiled water, leaves of wild raspberry (broth of leaves of wild raspberry - on a half of a teaspoon in day is strongly recommended to give to pregnant cats). Specially germinated cat`s the grass helps to clear a stomach of the accumulated wool. In day cats of various greens are recommended to feed about 5 g on 1 kg of weight.

What is impossible. to Cats are contraindicated to

: chocolate, candies, coffee, alcohol, smoked products, pastes, canned food intended for people, marinated products, confectionery, jam, salty and with spices food.