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What is a holiday?

In life of each person are always a holiday! what

B of a situation would not be the person for a holiday it always will find the place.

So it HOLIDAY? Why it is so important to live a holiday?

Questions are not idle, and very much even important.

Important because often we just are not able to celebrate. Very often celebration turns in wine party obzhiralovka or obligation .

I all the same we love holidays and very much we wait for them!

So, all know that holidays happen different: family - birthdays, weddings etc., calendar - New year, on March 8 etc., professional - Day of the tankman, Day of the security officer etc., religious - Easter, Christmas and so forth. All these holidays are united by one - existence in them of the FESTIVE SITUATION! Festive situation is what so all of us wait for. The event real or fantastic, invented or taken place is always the cornerstone of a festive situation.

But events in life there is a great variety. Why not each of them becomes a holiday? It is the most important question and answers to it can be as much how many exists on the earth of people. by

to me it is thought that GAME is the cornerstone of a festive event. That is possibility of instant change of, Wednesday and time. In game of people stops being by itself. He becomes a PLAYER. And everything is possible for the player, even to lose.

Actually is a unique opportunity to change Life in the most literal sense.

Well think, the adult man clings to himself on the person a wadded beard, puts on a bright dressing gown and charges to himself a shoulder with a bag with stuff, supplementing the picture with valenoks... Agree that quite strange gestures are made by this person in spite of the fact that he or the ordinary mechanic, or cool boss . Anyway it not typical behavior of the adult man, under a condition if he is not an actor.

But in New year disguise, the MASQUERADE - it is normal. It introduces special charm and sharpness. The reality ceases to seem gray and sad. The world is filled with special paints, sharpness and even new smells.

Even role of the birthday man... Remember feelings when you sit down at the head of a table and friends and relatives begin to tell about you only good, to give you gifts. Agree that you begin to perceive also yourself differently. Suddenly there is a feeling that life was successful! that you are loved! that everything is simply remarkable!