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What to do if in the relations came misunderstanding crisis ?

Ah as these words - " are fine; I love you! when the sympathy develops into love, and the first chemical processes turn emotions, feelings, thoughts into LYUBOV. This voluptuous feeling, alas, is not so durable, and many face turning points in the relations, namely: accustoming, ordinary, life, lack of a variety, routine. How to avoid it also what to do if the partner wants to move to a new level of the relations, and for the partner it is crash of its habitual tenor of life? Let`s begin with what categorically cannot be done!

In spite of the fact that article is rather addressed to girls, it would be quite good to young people to get acquainted with some ideas also.

1. As if you wanted to marry somewhat quicker (to begin to live together, to get acquainted with relatives, etc.) - DO NOT PRESS! If the terms expected by you passed for a long time, and he does not hurry, do not start conversation of the first, it irritates men, and except a boomerang effect you receive nothing.

2. do not limit its freedom. Of course, I do not mean regular hellbenders about its parties and total loss of communication (memory, socks or pants in the unknown place). It is about innocent man`s hobbies, for example: Sunday game in soccer with fellow workers, game in basketball with institute friends or nostalgic game in shooter games with the childhood friend Borka. Of course, to you it can be unpleasant that he gives preference to overage children, but not you. Believe, it not so.

3. Never discuss and, my God you upas, DO NOT CONDEMN his family. He already knows about their shortcomings and at heart, maybe, for something dislikes them. But believe, they are with it one blood, the related instinct will wake up in it immediately, and it will be not in your advantage.

4. do not saw his swelled-up brain! If everything bothered you and you were already tired of infinite delay, a chronic sclerosis and systematic inattention, then a pileniye you will achieve nothing. If the stubborn type got to you, act softly, but it is energetic.

, It seems, all most important mistakes were noted, but how to fight against them?

1. With marriage at you nothing will leave until he wants it. The man as good wine, ripens long. Do not force an event, do not put ultimatums. Just be good, loving and true, comply below and below with the submitted paragraphs, and your chances will increase. Believe if your relations are already rather long, then he also understands what you from it wait for. Just he doubts whether he will be able to support a family, whether you will be a good wife so try to become irreplaceable very much.

2. If your darling strongly played, agree with him about concrete time of a meeting in day of soccer (basketball, shooter games with the friend), do not allow it to speak let`s meet in the evening - this phrase is not concrete and gives it odds in time, stipulate concrete time. Then it, and your interests will be observed.

3. the Question with relatives is already clear. Respect its feelings. Eventually, if they to you so not to liking, you nobody forces to communicate with them, and at birthdays and holidays it is possible and to suffer. Remember, thinking badly of someone, do not sound it aloud. If he praises highly the brother, the sister or nephews, and it enrages you, constrain emotions and just nod, listen with interest. Eventually, your opinion can be wrong.

4. do not quarrel with your elect when he comes tired from work, inhibit in yourself this desire better. Always meet him with pleasure, tasty you feed, do not tire with talk, all this can wait, at least, till the morning, and by then your heat pougasnt, and thoughts will become more accurate, and you in a quiet, laconic form show everything to it. Not for nothing speak, tomorrow is a new day.

All above here, of course, not the panacea, but nevertheless, it really helps with life. I made all these mistakes what I do not advise you. Follow the last better four rules, and at least good relations are guaranteed to you. And if it is not your person, you and without scandals will understand everything, but will preserve your nerves.

of Good luck all on this hard way under the name of the RELATION.