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Whether prenatal diagnostics is necessary? We wait for

of Whom? Brisk boy or shy girl? What color eyes at our baby? And what form a nose - as at mother or how at the father, or perhaps as at the great-grandmother? The quantity of the questions arising these long days of expectation always exceed the number of the received answers...

And only one question really forces to worry our sensitive parental hearts: Whether And all as it should be with health and development in our precious baby?

Not very long ago parents received the answer to this ticklish, exhausting question only after the birth of the kid. Now we can receive the answer literally in six weeks after conception. We will be helped with it by prenatal diagnostics. It allows physicians to reveal congenital defects and anomalies of development in future child in time. Thanks to its modern methods we can distinguish various changes of the genetic device, many hereditary diseases of a metabolism in time.

But together with the integral pluses prenatal diagnostics involves also some share of danger. Therefore it is intended not for all - wishing just without any indications will not help to satisfy the curiosity here. Prenatal diagnostics is applied only at big fears for health of the child. Prenatal diagnostics can give to such parents very important, sometimes fatal information.

So, if you:

infectious diseases transferred (such as toxoplasmosis, rubella, measles, etc.) ;

since conception were affected by substances concerning which it is known that they can make harmful effects on the developing child;

already had unsuccessfully ended pregnancies and children with patrimonial injuries;

35 years are more senior,

that to you will advise to pass prenatal diagnostics.

Surely recommend prenatal diagnostics to women, since 40 - summer age, 35 - 39 - summer - it is selective, and that who is younger than 35 years, - seldom or never.

Prenatal diagnostics does not confirm, as a rule, estimated defects in 95% of cases. But if found a deviation in development in the child, then before parents there is insufferably difficult question: To Continue or interrupt pregnancy? . What is created in souls of those who should solve this hard problem, it is possible to imagine...

If parents can find in themselves courage and forces to live with obvious defect of the kid or on religious beliefs do not want to do abortion, then it is necessary only to admire them. But, on the other hand, it is necessary to live with IT not only it, but also to the child. And such kid will have many difficulties... The hard task is necessary to parents - they should solve not only for themselves, but also for darling already of the child...

There is also a prenatal treatment of a fruit presently. It is a pity only that it is not widespread as widely as it would be desirable. It is necessary only to hope that in the future it will be used more on a substantial scale and will become available for everyone faced this trouble.

Can be a part of such treatment: blood transfusion (serologichesky conflict), surgery, purpose of enzymes or drugs. Business remains only behind development of technology.

An important problem is imperfection of prenatal diagnostics. Even the confirmed with the high level of technical means, prenatal diagnosis can be wrong. Therefore all results of inspections indicating any deviations in development of the child surely have to be specified and confirmed by additional inspections. At the price of mistakenly put conclusion there can be an abortion of a healthy fruit.

In our family it could occur too. When mother was pregnant with my brother, doctors warned about probability of presence at a Down syndrome fruit. Whether it is worth speaking about those fears and experiences which fell to lot of my parents. But, despite everything, they made the decision to surely give birth to this kid. In many respects their decision was influenced by religious beliefs - they asked from God about the help, about forces, about patience...

Now my brother is 11 years old, he same as all - the normal, healthy, naughty boy. Fears concerning a Down syndrome were vain!

Of course, to all parents it is heavy at heart in a waiting time of the child to which similar deviations can threaten, but is much more difficult live with thought that the incorrect decision which price was life is made.

Prenatal diagnostics - it, of course, is good. But it is necessary not to forget about imperfections of diagnosing and to listen not only to indications of modern diagnostic methods, but also to the parental heart! It will surely prompt the right decision! God grant, that all of us had healthy children and happy!