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Whether it is easy to find a stolen car?

Annually in Russia are abducted more than hundred thousand units of motor transport. In only one Moscow the owners are daily changed by theft more than 40 cars. In total over the country more than 2 million cars are wanted. Solvability of such type of crimes makes only about 40%. However for a long time in competent circles the technique of search of the stolen transport by comparison among themselves of databases is known.

In Russia there are several various databases on motor transport. In - the first, it is the database of producer - VAZ, GAS, etc. The producer always keeps account of numbers of the turned-out products. In - the second, it is the database of customs on the cars imported from - for a boundary. Thus, any car acquired justly in the territory of the Russian Federation appears in one of these databases. In - the third, there are databases of the registered transport divided on regional traffic polices. These databases were formed in Soviet period by the principle anyhow . They a different format are also not brought together. That is one database on all transport registered in the Russian Federation does not exist. In - the fourth, there is a base of the stolen motor transport in which data on the cars stolen for the entire period of maintaining the account are stored.

The logic of search is rather simple: the database on the cars consisting on the account in traffic police of any region undertakes and it is compared to the database let out (or imported) cars. If records coincide, the car is acquired in the lawful way. If records do not coincide, so numbers of a body or the engine were changed, therefore, the car, most likely, has a criminal origin.

This algorithm of search was developed in Tolyatti still at the end of 90 - x years and was rather successfully applied and applied to search of cars by one of private detectives. Because databases have various format, nobody is engaged in their automated processing, all cars are checked manually. Attempts to automate process were made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but, apparently, unsuccessfully and not especially actively. So, one of divisions of " group of companies; Formosa a few years ago was engaged in development of the computer " system; Guelder-rose which had to become a new element of system of registration of transport and search of the stolen cars, however the division was closed and there are no data on continuation of development.

Now the staff of some divisions of traffic police carries out an inspection of motor transport at registration on base of the released cars, however it occurs obviously not in country scales. Besides, at the same time it is impossible to reveal the cars which are already consisting on the account which illegally found the new owner.

At the end of 90 - x years the author of this article himself also worked in investigating authorities, was engaged in investigation of plunders of motor transport. Being interested in advanced technologies, was engaged in improvement of the mentioned algorithm of search of transport. Processing therefore there was an opportunity to check not separate cars, and completely all regional base of registration of transport was automated. Processing of transport of one area on testing took only several days, as a result of processing it was possible to reveal and identify everything the cars which are earlier stolen and nowadays consisting on the account, and also cars released with duplicates of identification numbers (unaccounted production of plants). The program was capable not only to define that the car has the changed numbers of units, but also to issue the assumption what they were earlier (on the basis of collected statistics about the changed numbers: for example, most often interrupted 1 on 4 3 on 8 etc.) .

The developed program was shown in the Ministry of Internal Affairs where became interested in it, however no actions for the organization of introduction were taken, having suggested the author to communicate with traffic police independently. To the author alone too there was no opportunity to independently operate the program. Attempt to interest insurance companies was unsuccessful, and the considerable part of the stolen cars was insured, and insurers could pay the damages. Stealing - one of key articles of an expense of autoinsurers. By expert estimates, cumulative payments for this risk in Russia make about 5 billion rubles a year.

Thus, it turns out that finding of the stolen transport is necessary for nobody and it is not interesting, and it is rather simple to find the stolen car, the desire it would be to be engaged. Also you should not lose hope if the iron horse was stolen many years ago, he still can return.