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As jokes of

Jokes are created, as well as children now, are born in two ways. It:

- natural birth of a joke ;

- artificial conception joke

Natural birth of a joke, it, by and large, function of the life . That is any situation, or the phenomenon, a case, the fact can give an impetus for the joke birth. The main thing that this event was bright and ridiculous. The main criterion in natural emergence of a joke, are the following aspects:

The recorded history has to be ridiculous:

the Magnificent banquet and traditional dissecting of a bottle of champagne hospital attendants of hospital No. 3 noted commissioning of the new vessel.

this Laughter has to be generated by singularity of permission of a situation about which it is reported in the history. And certain human qualities act as the reason of singularity of such destruction (mind, nonsense, laziness, etc.)

It is ringing at a door, there are two:

Hello, we are Jehovah`s Witnesses!

Yes? And what it has a wedding?

The more brightly, more unusually the history emphasized from life, the is more at it than chances to become comical.

What ridiculous death - the man fell from an unfinished high-rise building to glass wool and was combed to death

As for artificial conceptions joke , comical history often occurs thanks to efforts of the journalist or other people. They not always think out jokes, it is about more or less successful creative processing initial material . In it there is nothing bad.

For example, A. Makuni`s publication in To the Literary newspaper (10 - On November 16, 1999) under the heading Boyfriend :

- And what he so nurses me? Tucked in a blanket, corrected a small pillow. Costs does not breathe. In mine 18 - t, with me still anybody so, even the mother!

- Companion sergeant! Yes leave, you, at last! You to me

prevent to sleep! - Good night, the private Petrov! Who is guilty that you one for all fall draft to us were sent. I will keep watch, sleep peacefully, companion private!

at the heart of this joke, lies modern interpretation walking in the army environment at the beginning reorganizations a joke which sounded approximately so:

To military unit there arrived B. Yeltsin, to check combat readiness. The person on duty gives command:

- the Battalion! In two ranks become! From barracks the worn-out tell-tale jumps out. The person on duty reports on Yeltsin:

- the Battalion in full strength! Yeltsin speaks:

- Why one, where others? Person on duty:

- And companion commander-in-chief, the military commissar still catches others.

Here are so easily and easy created jokes. Proceeding from the fact that the joke arises where there is a ridiculous juicy situation it is possible to draw the following conclusion. A joke - a genre durable as occurs from those and until there is society. Creation, existence and development of jokes, in fact, is also function of the life. If there is a desire, try to think up at a leisure a two-three of jokes, you look, and will live more cheerful, and once again you will show to close people the brilliant sense of humour!

of Success in all your undertakings!!!