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What is self-treatment dangerous during pregnancy and later by?

When I was in the family way, cautiously treated all drugs, including, and those which to me were appointed by my doctor. It seemed to me that pregnancy and medicines, it the same as the genius and villainy. But the term of pregnancy increased, and the organism began to glitch. At first toxicosis, shortage of vitamins and minerals, then pressure jumps, anemia. All this pushed me to address drug treatment.

My doctor registered necessary preparations which stabilized my state of health. Then I drew an accurate conclusion : it is necessary to remember only two things: it is impossible to self-medicate; it is possible to take medicine only after consultation with your attending physician.

the Most terrible that reception, apparently, of absolutely harmless drugs which we address very often can do harm to a fruit, and sometimes and to cause his death. For example, an aspirin headache pill, or analginum at a toothache.

All of us know that pregnancy of the woman consists of three periods of formation and development of a fruit. Are considered the most dangerous the first trimester (from the moment of conception till 12 weeks), at this time at an embryo all bodies and systems, and the third (of 22 weeks before childbirth) are formed when there is a development and final formation of a fruit.

It is natural that course of pregnancy will be accompanied by continuous fluctuations of a state of health as immunity of the pregnant woman is considerably reduced. At this time the organism is very sensitive to various infections and viruses. But it is worth to remember that there are periods when in general any medicines are contraindicated to the pregnant woman.

Terms of pregnancy and possible negative drug intake consequence: at the end already of the first weeks of pregnancy reception of medicines not only is undesirable

, but also is extremely dangerous (1 - 2 week). Consequences can be the most awful, up to pre-natal death of a germ.

On of the third to week of pregnancy formation of all bodies of activity of a fruit, and also system begins: blood, digestive, nervous, urinary, bone. Reception dangerous drugs during this period (3 - 12 week) can cause teratogenny effect, that is developing of malformations and ugliness of a fruit.

Since of the thirteenth up to most rodovprodolzhatsya weeks rapid growth of a fruit. At this time its periodic stirs become physically notable. Also at the child organs of taste and sense of smell develop. And this period is unsafe as reception of some drugs can cause violation of functioning of separate bodies and systems of a fruit.

What we meant when we spoke about dangerous drugs for pregnant women and the feeding women?

In - the first, drugs which can do harm to a fruit.

K to them belong:

Aspirin, Diclofenac - acceptance of these preparations at any stage of pregnancy can cause violation of coagulability of blood in a fruit.

The ibuprofen - can cause pathological increase in the period of pregnancy (perenashivaniye).

Analginum - this preparation can promote development in the child of a polidaktiliya, it is a phenomenon when at the child more than five fingers on hands and legs grow. Also reception of this medicine causes pathology in the form of an anus zarashcheniye in a fruit.

Almagel - can promote formation at a fruit of heart diseases.

Levomitsetin - application of this preparation can cause emergence syndrome of the gray child it no other than is warm - vascular insufficiency.

Tetratsiklin - provokes malformations of a skeleton and tooth fabric at the child, caries and a growth inhibition.

Raunatin - threatens with a fruit arrest of development.

In - the second , preparations which cannot accept the feeding mothers, in order to avoid harmful effects on the newborn.

K to them belong:

Indometacin - increase of arterial pressure at the newborn.

Ketalgin, Naproksen, Piroxicam, Fastum gel - the group of these preparations in some cases causes medicinal dependence in newborns that causes tachycardia, increase of arterial pressure and even a spasm.

Anaprilin, Atenolol, Vazokardin - these preparations are very harmful to the newborn as they in some cases cause heartbeat delay, and also lowering of arterial pressure.

Gentamycin - can cause a hearing disorder.

The Dimedrol - causes concern, spasms.

Unfortunately, this list is not limited only to the above-stated preparations. Them it is much bigger, and consequences from their reception can be the heaviest. Therefore, dear mummies you show consideration very much for the health and with care to preparations which you accept then the kid will feel well.

I Wish you health and patience!