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Whether it is worth being afraid of people - mirrors?

you sometime heard expression with you it is so easy and good as if I know you " long ago - long ago;? If you answer in the affirmative and you will add moreover how many time! be looked in a mirror and tell hi, brother - because it is very probable that you are persons - a mirror. To you it is not terrible? Don`t be afraid. The author is not going to draw conclusions whether it is good to be a mirror. Generally speaking, the entered term meets in works on psychology. But do not generalize, please. This concept is entered by the author independently and extends only to this article.

You communicate with the person only five minutes. What it is interesting It is not similar to others at all. You know, he guesses your thoughts! He says what in a moment had to fly from your language! You continue to communicate and tightens you in whirlpool of the strange relations. Perhaps, before you did not test anything similar. It seems, the back has to hurt the interlocutor if there are no wings, then they are already cut through skin, and the nimbus over the head shines more and more brightly.

What happened to you? Really all as it seems to you: you communicate alive with an angel? Who is he what its purposes? You ask these questions only first. Then others follow. They are not always identical, it is only necessary to notice that they differ from initial radically. What happened to you?

Be not afraid - you only met the person - a mirror. Take care, because you met the person - a mirror! To choose a veracious statement to you. And let this article will help to incline your choice towards the first. It means that you will avoid the unpleasant deposit left consequences of a meeting with these unusual people, having gained invaluable experience. You remember: each experience in life is positive already the fact that he teaches us to something.

So who such the person - a mirror ? Probably, it is the simplest to describe how it is arranged and as works. Let`s try to describe a number of characteristic signs. Not always all from them are inherent separately taken to a mirror . And still. Without peering, you will not notice any of them - so skillfully these signs are stitched by a thread through an essence and all life of these people.

It reflects your internal light, clearing it of dirt and returning to a uniform warm stream. Can seem to you as if it is its own light, but you are mistaken. It to unrecognizability refined yours. What can be more native than the internal light!

It , perhaps unconsciously, uses bases of notorious neurolinguistic programming (NLP): in particular, it copies your voice, a manner to speak, gait, the movements. Thereby the impression of it as from a mirror amplifies.

It , probably, on your party, however does not spoil the relations with your foes. As a result, remaining on neutral situation for all, he manages to incline to itself(himself) an arrangement of the majority of people around. If you think that it is easy to make it, then are mistaken.

He thinks himself the great psychologist and if not the savior of human souls then the chaplain on the battlefield psychological tragedies. You open to it very easily, being surprised when the facts about which you were afraid to speak even with yourself outside emerge.

He is independent psychologically and, feeling the superiority over you, times only laughs at the attachment which arose to it. At any time you can see his back though on all hundred were sure that he will never act with you this way cruelly.

He implicitly demands admiration, praises and all worship of. If you praise it, then risk to remain chained to it for very long time: it is unlikely it will release the production which gives it food - a power source, necessary for further victories.

He , most often, does not create. The person - a mirror stamps the words, the movements and all the rest in the form of fantastically beautiful composition which models from words and to that the similar components of communication belonging to those people whom he knew rather well to carry out the analysis and to receive extract. Remember the movie Perfumer. History of one murderer . Only here extraction does without murders.

The composition is ready. You see before yourself the person - a mirror. He knows that it is necessary for it from you. Only it is unlikely will tell. You have to become his servant, the lover, the partner, the pupil? You learn it later if it is allowed to you. Also do not condemn this person because most often he does not realize that he creates and what force has.

For the 100-th time we will repeat It is warned - means it is armed! . I wish you to be assured of thought that you are already not so helpless before a smiling face of the person - mirrors, knowing that he represents.