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To the young man beginning to live

on May 16, 2008 all I invite to anniversary - 30 years of my work.

A began it with the fact that I after a ten-year school did not enter the university on physical faculty - there were not enough points. Also I went, warm, to toil with an employment problem. In the USSR child labor was forbidden, and no safety engineer wanted to take the responsibility for the minor. But all - at the engineer of SMU - 29 I tearfully implored for a workplace of the bricklayer 1 - go the category. It took me only because I got to crew in which nobody wanted to work - all it consisted of the criminals serving sentence on buildings of a national economy. The engineer dissuaded: you will cope? I assured that I will cope.

In three months I all - left, but for health reasons. The Don fall began, steppe winds, building blows from all directions, and I always quickly caught a cold on drafts. The service record to me was not issued, though were obliged therefore officially my seniority begins in a motorcade of 1723 of Novocherkassk.

Passed 30 years. I am the president of own educational institution, International Academy the Solar Way. Gold book of St. Petersburg Who is who in Russia etc. and page of the item

What to tell youth? Follow an example of me. In what? In diligence, in the relation to work, to people.

Whom I was only not! We thumb through the service record. The car mechanic 2 - go the category. The turner 2 - go the category. The artist 3 - go the category. The carpenter 4 - go the category. Student. The tutor in a summer camp. Teacher of physics. Tutor of the working hostel. Graduate student. The best young scientist of Leningrad. Editor-in-chief. CEO. Adviser. Teacher. Businessman. Politician. Philosopher. Even managed to act in mass meeting on Lenfilm - chervonets for film-making day. Ha - ha - ha! In the general result - 12 only working professions. So I want to tell

to the young people beginning life? The main thing that I was taught in the childhood to, - it is necessary to show diligence on any place, at any time, in any collective. At the same time to love a profession absolutely optional. But - dinned into me five-year-old - estimate, respect, love, remember the person on Earth only for work, but not for beautiful eyes. And for work only masterful, professional, talented, ingenious. And the friendship is possible only between the professional and the professional, the master and the pupil.

I already I guessed that everything has the beginning and the end that all steps of professionalism work for me, it is my knowledge and experience which always remain with me. And not to a hnykanye to me was, not to reasonings why my destiny so developed, and I never appealed in a claim why God did not give me rich parents. And tried to understand what trait of character can, therefore, this work has to bring up? What labor skill I am obliged to learn on this place? What professional experience to draw?

What always helped me, helped out in any circumstances? Well, I love similar Forgive, misters, such shortcoming. The love for the neighbor is, first of all, communication with people, and work and only work unites people! Whoever to you and that told. The true pleasure, pleasure is brought by not work, its excellent results, and an opportunity to share feelings, thoughts, emotions - human communication. Because only other person is capable to show all completeness of your divine essence.

to me was always and everywhere interesting, curious. What only I was not told! You in each hole a plug! It is necessary to you most?! What you eternally ahead of the engine?! Sidi, have a rest as all! And it was interesting to me, at least because I understood that there is nothing eternal that tomorrow, in a month, in half a year I will find necessary skills, and social conditions will push out me on a new step of development. What can be seen in the service record of any professional. And the situation any more will never repeat, I will never return to the past. Therefore: learn everything that comes to hand, nobody knows that and when to be useful in Way.

Here and I live. And would not come to mind to consider the years because the Doctrine the Solar Way says: not important, how many you passed, important how many still it is necessary to pass. Just here the other day I dictate the data to the manager, the nice girl who fills some form. Business reaches the column Seniority and we together with it began to consider I was surprised: where so much time left? But then, having thought, saw classical exponential career development and calmed down: everything is correct whether I teach it students of Academy? To strategic planning and the competent relation to life and a spiritual spirit as to a labor feat, and further everyone will show the essence: that he knows that he is able as realizes. Work speaks for itself. It is possible to accept deserved remunerations adequately. He does not deserve anything better.