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How to calm the dissatisfied client? Ode of politeness.

It is known that dissatisfied clients are always irrespective of the fact how the firm well works. But I now not about eternally dissatisfied, and about those who are disappointed in firm on her fault. Here Egor Gazarov already wrote about a deplorable condition of the Russian service. But a situation I would not call hopeless. Some firms already begin to realize importance for business of elementary politeness.

From preparation for some examination I remember figure that proper response to the complaint the firm can hold about 60% of dissatisfied clients. And if also to remove the cause, then the low opinion about the company will not be made by 95% of the clients who faced inadequate quality.

I will explain the mechanism on the examples. After purchase of the apartment before us there was a furniture question. Having bypassed all shops and having discussed what was seen, we began to shop. The sink with a curbstone for kitchen was the first. Having ordered at first a sink, in an hour I ripened to the curbstone which is applied to it (the husband thought up how to adapt it for our kitchen). Very much asked not to forget that the order consists of two things.

Delivery was promised next day after 18 hours, having specified that sometimes the delivery comes to an end at 22 o`clock. There was Saturday next afternoon, and we fruitlessly waited till 23 o`clock. On Sunday the husband went to specify why the order is not delivered and when to wait for it. Met him by the statement: And we are not responsible for delivery! .

After that as wind blew off all peaceful spirit of the husband. And it began cross-questioning . The shop assistant threw to it a leaf with the order (where the order is registered only by digital designations) with a terrible question: This your curbstone? . The husband recognized a curbstone, but dropped a hint of doubt in its suitability without the sink bought by us. The expected question followed: What else sink? .

Generally when the husband demanded to return money, the shop assistant declared that she will cause protection now. The second shop assistant who suggested to call " managed to smooth the conflict; to the boys working at a delivery . It turned out that during week-end they do not work. Delivery was promised on Monday, 18. 00. We safely left on the beach from where in 15. 00 were caused by the phrase: We already at your entrance . The most ridiculous that a curbstone brought not that. The necessary complete set to us was delivered only next day. More we did not address to that firm.

The second case happened to furniture too. Mother ordered to us according to the catalog a smart case - a compartment with a mirror instead of one of doors. We a case did not see in general as we carried it from next (25 km) the city (in our town the firm has no representative).

Brought practically on the dot according to the promised schedule. We begin to collect - there is no drawing! And the applied papers in general describe some other furniture. Intuitively we guess as everything has to look, but holes at sidewalls do not approach anywhere.

We call mother, she strains shop. Sellers call back to us, having called someone most important to phone. It begins conversation, having told the position and the full name. Having found out a problem, confesses that it is marriage of factory (not the first complaint). On our innocent question of a discount, readily offers small, but all - reduction of the price of a product.

The husband rested that will not drill since any his oversight will be an occasion to refusal in return. Called the master who gave consultation to phone - what size of a drill is necessary also other man`s features Even promised us that if we do not cope, then for tomorrow to us will send the expert who will free of charge collect everything as it is necessary. After that the husband with insult collected everything, and next day mother received for us a discount.

There is no bad smack left from the second purchase. Treated us with respect, showed readiness to rectify a fault, they come towards us - and only! But for the Russian buyer even lack of rudeness in pleasure.

It is easy to guess that loyalty of clients to shop and firm begins with politeness and friendliness of workers. Are not lazy to be benevolent! And to you it will be reckoned.