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How to operate the person?

we Continue to comprehend subtleties and cunnings of women`s kitchen. Not so long ago one my acquaintance told me several simple women secrets of management of the man, and I honestly wrote down all this and I bring to your attention now. So, today in the program levers and buttons of management of vulnerable, fragile and thin man`s soul.

In the most general sense our weak spot is how ourselves ourselves represent that we think of ourselves. More precisely - with what we would like to see ourselves. The skilled woman needs no more than three minutes to scan dark abysses of our subconsciousness and to grope there the weak and defenseless town.

For example, men correct, intelligent and inclined to an infinite reflection often imagine themselves such machoes with pood fists or seductive philanderers. And imperious, energetic persons quite often conceal under the English suits or ominous tattoos of gentle boys - angels with blond ringlets over an inspired forehead. Well and so on. And here the woman who groped for such delicious discrepancy needs only to squeeze tenacious fingers, to drop several well-aimed compliments and the man obedient as an elephant, will begin to move in the direction necessary to it.

For example, some experienced wolfhound is enough to hint at musicality of his trembling fingers and special spirituality of shape. Believe even if at it instead of hands hoofs, calloused from knocking-out of debts, and the physiognomy represents a colourful illustration of the theory of Lombrozo, he for certain will soften and, faltering, will read to the sensitive companion some lyrical rhyme from Native speech .

But the general pressure upon man`s vanity is only the beginning. The confidential man`s button - a thing especially individual also consists of a set of particulars. For example, if the man loves himself and Russian cabbage soup with pork, rather daily on an extent of one calendar month to give it notorious Russian cabbage soup, accompanying process of their absorption with the vigorous laudatory ode. Thirty days later there comes biological accustoming and the victim, is similar, I`m sorry, to an experimental rat, begins to wither and decay as soon as giving spiritually - material food stops.

In a similar situation length of legs and volume of a bust of the woman become absolutely not important - the main thing that Russian cabbage soup steadily was rich, and the lady still extolled personal qualities of the examinee. And she can speak without prodykha and confusions. Because the man willingly allows the woman to speak freely only in one case - when she speaks (speaks well) about him....