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Why Ernesto Rafael Guevara began to be called Che?

on October 9, 1967, 40 years ago, in La Igouer`s settlement by order from Washington rangers Ernesto Che Guevara was shot the commandant of the Cuban revolution. In order that as much as possible people were convinced that national hero is destroyed, his body was exposed on a public inspection in Vallergranda. But executioners also were not sure that they were lucky. Therefore to the killed, excuse for naturalism, cut off hands to compare to the fingerprints which are available in archives. Later these brushes alcoholized and in such look brought to Havana. Today they are stored in Che`s museum.

Nowadays even those who wear t-shirts with the image of the legendary revolutionary know a little about the one whom was actually Ernesto Guevara known as Che. Therefore today we will also meet this lack.

So, according to official data, Ernesto was born on June 14, 1928 in the Argentina city of Rosario in Ernest Guevara Lynch`s family and Lodge de la Sern. However, actually, he was born at least a month earlier. But so parents should confess to premarital pregnancy of the spouse, and, considering strict customs, it could come to an end is deplorable. Therefore the birth of the firstborn it was declared a month later. The child was called in honor of the father.

Guevara - the senior planned to open in Rosario factory on processing of Paraguayan tea, but in the country the economic crisis burst, and the family soon after the birth of the firstborn was forced to get over for a farm which inherited Seliya.

When Tete, so called little Ernesto in a family, grew up, he got a quite good education at school, quite sufficient to enter the National university in Buenos - to Ayresa on medical faculty. Dreamed of the surgeon`s profession, but study dragged on. In any case, Ernesto managed to visit the sailor the oil vessel, having made a trip to Trinidad and the British Guiana. And a bit later he makes two trips over the countries of Latin America at once, having visited all largest countries.

In Guatemala the young doctor meets the first love - the ardent revolutionary Hilda Gadea from Peru who managed to engender a spark of rejection of reality in the husband, having made of Ernesto the person capable of fight for the ideals. And, Guevara becomes the ultrarevolutionary for whom there are no conventions in the choice of forms and means. And acquaintance to Fidel Castro in 1955 becomes a starting point in Ernesto`s destiny.

By then he also receives the pseudonym companion Che . In 1954 when Guevara comes to Mexico for work in the cardiological center, it is distinguished from the colleagues with the frequent use in oral speech of the Spanish interjection of Che characteristic of Argentineans. In Russian it something it seems Hey .

But work in the Center does not satisfy impulsive Guevara. Entices him new amigo Fidel, inviting to work as the ship doctor on become subsequently well-known To Granm . From this point companion Che not just participates in military operations, he becomes one of the most entrusted people of Fidel to whom Castro charges performance of the most complex challenges. Also there was no case that Guevara would not equal these hopes.

If to look for analogy of its groups in the Soviet history, it turns out that Ernesto " ordered; penal battalions . It the first rushed into strongly strengthened cities and furious storm broke resistance imperialists . Respectively and children in to the " team; Guevara were picked up with that calculation that, without asking excess questions, were ready to execute any order.

War in Cuba continued till spring of 1959. And as soon as Fidel was made in Presidents of the Cuban Republic, the decree about Che Guevara`s declaration as the citizen of Cuba with the rights of the nee Cuban became one of the first decrees of the won people. And in the wife to it is given the born Cuban - Aleyda March.

When the national hero was completely assimilated, he became the right hand of Fidel not only nominally, but also officially, having been given assignment by the head of the department of the industry.

But it is difficult to be only a little bit God . It is impossible and to Che Guevara. In March, 1965 Che accuses the USSR that that sells the help to national revolutions proceeding from the mercenary interests. In Moscow this speech is perceived as an insult. And before Fidel Castro the difficult dilemma is put: to decide on the one who is dearer to it: favourite Che or USSR? Sane Fidel chooses the Soviet Union. In reply Ernesto writes the farewell letter in which refuses the wife, children and the Cuban nationality. With a heavy heart Fidel reads this letter before the people

A of Che at this time already is in the Belgian Congo where carries out training of guerrillas of Laurent - Desire Kabila (supporters of the killed several years prior to this Patrice Lumumba) for the purpose of overthrow of the government. After a failure of revolt it appears in Bolivia.

But also here the destiny especially does not indulge him. Badly prepared and poorly armed insurgents suffer a defeat from the American groups of quick response - one behind another. On October 8, 1967, during fight in Yuro`s hollow, wounded Che is taken prisoner, and already next day the sergeant Mario Teran shoots the revolutionary as then it will be written down, in attempt to flight . Actually wounded hero also did not think to get away Only honor

through three decades of the murderer Che revealed the truth about the last days of the hero and the place of its burial. Bodies of Che and six his colleagues buried in a mass grave, razed it to the ground and asphalted on vzletno - a landing strip of airfield in the neighborhood of the settlement of Valye - the grandee. Later, when asphalt will be opened, remains of the fallen guerrillas will be brought to Havana, and a skeleton with a label - 2 identify as Che`s remains.

For many years companion Che was a revolution symbol, the Cuban Danko. And heroes early die. It lit everything for an instant (in the history these 10 - 11 years differently, than in a trice you will not designate), but still is not present and will appear on someone`s t-shirt. But today, unfortunately, in increasing frequency such image - just a craze. Or an aspiration sign to free life. Here it is only more difficult to dispose of the time given by freedom, than to win it. Both the example of Cuba, and example of the USSR, by and large, only confirm it