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Whether myths about bicycles are proved?

Most of people who want to buy the bicycle not especially understand this question, have quite natural desire to consult with someone before purchase and:

ask for the help the friends who as it seems to them, are skilled cyclists;

read a heap of bicycle forums where fans - bikers gather;

remember the youth which passed by bicycles of the Soviet cycle structure;

As a result bicycle myths which to discredit I now are born and it intends. I want to emphasize that I express the personal opinion in this article.

Myth No. 1.

the Most expedient purchase is mountain " bicycle; it is universal, convenient and is the ideal choice for most of people.


Mountain " bicycle; is one of types of the bicycle and belongs rather to special, than universal. For the reason that 80% of cyclists of 80% of time go on the roads (asphalted and soil), it is unreasonable to buy the bicycle intended for the remained 20% of off road terrain thereby noticeably reducing efficiency of driving on roads.

In my opinion, only the " bicycle can apply for universality; cross-country which and on roads well rolls and on off road terrain it is not helpless.

Though has to notice that the choice mountain " bicycles; incommensurably more widely, than choice cross-countries as suppliers invest the money in goods and are forced to follow the market therefore it is not possible to pick up suitable cross model often.

Myth No. 2.

Rather effective are only disk brakes therefore if to buy the bicycle, then by all means with disk brakes.


Disk brakes really have advantage over obodny, but this advantage is not so big to overpay $70-80, and even it is more, for this gadget.

The main advantages of disk brakes are that:

Working surfaces have less than dosyagayema for dirt therefore efficiency of braking in conditions when the rim is stuck around by dirt, above. It, of course, important quality, but such conditions are very rare even at me, and have practical value only at competitive speeds, at a usual speed of efficiency of obodny brakes even in such severe conditions more than it is enough.

Brake shoes serve in disk brakes much longer, but blocks of obodny brakes are rather durable too, they usually are enough for 4 - 5 thousand km, besides they cost much cheaper.

Disk brakes allow to dose more precisely brake effort, but it besides matters at competitive speeds, but by such speeds there go generally racers, and bicycles more expensively than 1000 c.u. are calculated on such speeds, and the ordinary person at a usual speed most likely will not even notice a difference if he uses just good obodny brakes.

Disk brakes continue to work even if the rim is strongly bent (eight), and it valid one of the few advantages of such brakes which is important for the ordinary fan. But has to tell that it is necessary to try VERY MUCH so to kill a wheel, usually it occurs after falling, and most likely, it is necessary to arrive home by bus, and brakes at the same time will not be necessary. And in general such breakages - an unusual occurrence.

Wants to add that, buying the bicycle with a back disk brake, you receive a problem with installation of a luggage carrier as the support of a disk brake closes the place of fastening of a luggage carrier. Therefore you should or think out some adapter which, naturally, will reduce luggage carrier loading capacity, or to look for special disk model of a luggage carrier.

Conclusion: if excess 70 - 80 c.u. for you are not basic

, then buy the bicycle with disk brakes, but to strain financially for the sake of it I do not see sense. And, in any case, under no circumstances do not buy the bicycle with disk brakes cheaper than 350 - 400 c.u., at least, today.

MYTH No. 3.

Gearshifts by bicycle surely have to be high level. This the first what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase to.


The matter is that the racer during competitions very often switches transfers, the number of switchings during two-hour race can reach several honeycombs, and, of course, in this case the ideal accuracy and speed of switching has huge value. Besides switches of a competitive class a little easier usual and it is important, those kilograms on which the racing bicycle easier usual, scrupulously gather on gram from each detalka, reeling up at the same time hundreds and thousands of dollars to the price.

The ordinary person who can switch several times a day has no need to throw out money for switches of a competitive class as, however, and on other equipment of the same level. Other things are important for the normal person, in my opinion, absolutely. It is important how knots of the bicycle are protected from moisture, it is important to feel conveniently by bicycle, it is important that the type and a class of the bicycle answered your purpose, eventually, important that the bicycle just was pleasant. And switches are the case tenth, in 95% of cases of the Shimano Alivio level happens enough, though lower levels of switches behave normally.

Myth No. 4. by

Plastic pedals bad and short-lived, it is necessary to buy the bicycle with metal pedals.


to This myth our Soviet cycle plants which in the early nineties began to complete bicycles terribly low-quality by then with awful plastic pedals which very quickly collapsed laid the foundation. Relay was picked up by enterprising businessmen who bought in China the cheapest bicycles (more true, models of bicycles) on 10 c.u. and sold their houses at 200 c.u. All this generated mistrust both to plastic pedals and to bicycles of price category 150 - 200 c.u. Modern bicycles of good producers are completed with excellent plastic pedals which will serve to you not one year without problems.

Myth No. 5.

the Qualitative bicycle cannot cheaper cost 200 c.u. (some sources give number of 300 c.u.) .

Actually :

the Origin of this myth in general was explained in the previous myth about pedals. Certainly, among inexpensive models with much bigger probability it is possible to run into hack-work, but I declare absolutely responsibly that it is possible to buy the excellent walking bicycle for 150 - 200 c.u. But it will be walking bicycle, and it cannot be used for tourism, not to mention any attempts of sports driving, that is at most 500 km during the season, and any winter use. Though some enthusiasts run on such velika on some thousands of km in a year, but it already at own risk, I personally do not approve such operation.

The optimum price for the walking multi-speed bicycle are 250 - 350 c.u., at the predicted loading to 80 kg, and 300 - 400 c.u. at bigger loading.

Myth No. 6.

the Weight of the bicycle has crucial importance upon purchase.


It is unconditional if it is necessary to bring every day the bicycle on the fifth floor without elevator, then the extra kilo with each floor will double, and you will begin to hate the bicycle quickly enough. But let`s consider a normal situation when the elevator works, and you eat enough to be able to inform of the bicycle the elevator. So, think what the extra kilo or even one and a half matters? Yes any! Who, eventually, by whom goes? No, of course, 1 kg is of great importance for the racer who goes 100 km and loses in a result one and a half seconds on the finish! But for you - that? You weigh 80 kg + the bicycle of 14 kg, total 94 kg, so one kg are 1,06% of gross weight is it worth overpaying 200 c.u. that the bicycle weighed one kilogram less? Solve.

Myth No. 7.

cannot buy the bicycle of the Chinese production At all, they always bad quality, it is necessary to buy bicycles of the American or European production.


In - the first, China in general, and Taiwan in particular, is one of the world centers of high technologies, there the huge number of goods of the highest quality is issued now and practically all leading producers of bicycles placed the productions in China and other Asian countries, 70% of bicycles are made there, and practically all of them of very high quality. Other 30% of bicycles gather in Europe, but from the accessories made in the Asian countries. Also I cannot tell that they are more qualitative than their Chinese fellows, happens that even on the contrary.

I think that I even exaggerated the number of bicycles of the European origin, most likely, them even less a little and if the seller says that the bicycle is made in Europe or America, then, most likely, he deceives.

I do not want to tell that from China do not carry also low-quality production, carry, of course, but it usually becomes consciously, just some people have such business.

There are those several myths which need to be meant when you buy the bicycle.