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Pluses and minuses electronic business. And you know them?

Own business business on the Internet : sounds invitingly, isn`t it? What associations arise at you at these words?

1. Any chief breathing to you in a nape.

2. Any schedule from which it is impossible to be beaten out.

3. You are engaged only in what pleasant.

4. When you want then you work.

5. Family always nearby.

And all this that you can imagine when you think of own electronic business? If so, then you cardinally have to change the views and to remove pink glasses.

No, everything told above is fair. A problem only that all above-mentioned pluses have also the back which you should face too. Let`s consider all this in more detail.

1. One of advantages of implementation of own business is that you have no need to report to the administration. But this moment has also a reverse side: if something goes not so, nobody will correct you and will prompt as as it is necessary to do. Therefore you have to capable be real to estimate possible risks and to predict them. If stability and safety are much more preferable to you, it is worth thinking of whether your choice is right.

2. Nobody is necessary over you when you do the business, and, therefore, nobody you will adjust. You have to be capable to provide independently required motivation and in necessary cases to force itself to do what wants to be done not especially.

3. You have to be purposefully directed to achievement of success in the business. It is very important to draw a clear boundary between commitment and hobby. If business for you - is no more, than hobby, once you will lose to it interest (especially at failures which are first inevitable) and all your efforts will ruin. You have to be strictly directed to a victory, here it is obviously not enough simple desire and ordinary interest.

4. The fact that from now on you - to himself the chief, assumes not so much freedom, how many responsibility. It is necessary to be able to demand from himself high-quality and full implementation of necessary work. Nobody will demand from you the report on what you made and that is not present. You should ask from yourself from now on only and if you are not able to cope with it, you can not count on success.

If you consider that it is possible to work for itself in the pleasure, I advise you once again to think of correctness of your choice. Because work on itself sometimes demands much bigger efforts and deprivations, than work on foreign uncle for the fixed rate.

5. One of undoubted advantages of implementation of own house business is continuous stay of the house, in a circle of the family. But here it is necessary to see an accurate measure: nothing has to distract you in operating time - neither the spouse, nor children, nor parents. To business time, a fun - hour

to you constantly it is necessary to face the distracting factors, such as housework, circulation in shops, a visit of theater etc. And here it is very important to observe priorities: that in what situation it is more important not to get into idiotic situation and not to torment either themselves, or a family. Having started the washing machine, for example, it is possible to sit down for completion of design of pages of the website. But it is hardly worth considering ideas for writing of the new book while you cook food. So know when to stop and feel adequacy.

You need to be ready much to endow. Especially at an initial stage of development of own business. Prepare that you should endow the savings and free time to tear off the project from the guilty earth for which it, believe me will cling strenuously all the roots. Prepare that, at least at the beginning, you will practically have no free time and sometimes it is necessary to sit without a shot in the locker.

One business - to begin own business, and another is perfect - to make it profitable. Instantly you will achieve nothing. Sometimes it can demand rather long time. Therefore it is necessary to stock up with patience and to be adjusted on the fact that at least the first several months it is necessary to work with negative balance.

And one more important nuance.

If you began own business, having quitted the noisy and crowded job, at the beginning you will not be abandoned by feeling of isolation and even loneliness. Be psychologically ready to this change.

As you can see, along with the fact that occupation by own electronic house business can bring you a heap of benefits and advantages there is a number of good reasons on which it is worth thinking of correctness of the choice. Compare the given indicators with own forces and honestly answer a question: whether you will cope? If the honest answer is positive - good luck! you will reach tops of success and nothing will break you. Your own business in this case is what, as they say, the doctor registered. But if you see obvious discrepancy of the given scale to own forces - do not communicate better. Come back to work and you drag still miserable existence existence but so for you it will be better until you do not develop in yourself all necessary.