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How to achieve high-quality service of

- the Waiter! Bring a beefsteak with greens!

- Is possible also with greens... The fifth day as with greens...

Once me the usual city newspaper in which the most interesting article was printed got to

. In it the question of was sharply brought up what we spend the precious life, the invaluable Time for! As it appeared, people spend 15% of time in line! Turns in shop, behind tickets, in a minibus, anywhere. Moving in this direction, the thought that we spend the most part of the life not only in line, but also for the choice of goods, the work choice, the choice of everything that is necessary for us for life comes.

To remember only, than the campaign on the market or in shop behind products is wrapped.

Oh, yes! Unsuccessful attempts to find a fresh cucumber among a heap of the dying vegetables, or elastic juicy grapes among the shrunk, wrinkled berries (fruits).

A bad service when it is necessary to wait for the seller at a counter of minutes so 15, finding out, he works or went on leave, and having met it by chance infinitely to behold it polite and to see the person as it pure hands reluctantly dig in meat. It would seem, it is possible it is proud to declare Here I any more not than trips! and safely to stamp couple of quarters to the following market. And who told that there we are waited by fresh products and sellers - in total in white ?

The problem of quality of goods and services rises in all mass media today. On " channel; Inter already there was a special " project; Sign yakost_ . On the Internet there are websites, articles and forums where it is possible to find particles of the necessary information.

Recently (spring of this year) in a network the new Website " appeared; Mine www. moye. com. ua - - unique in own way and that is why. Website Mine unites people idea of qualitative life, fight for quality. Here it is possible to add the comment on this or that smart the place where you were lucky to visit (both in positive, and in a negative key). Responses are formed on the cities and by all types of goods and services: cinema, shop, hotel, dealers, beauty shop and many other things.

Actually, this website - - very convenient thing. Having decided to go to other city how to learn what service in hotels? Without having seen - you do not receive particulars. And to run on all city with suitcases, looking for hotel - a thankless job.

is From personal experience remembered Odessa and very strange hotel on Deribasovskaya Spartak . Yes, the name really is repaid. The ancient furniture, even more ancient bathroom equipment, is not present hot water. Really Spartan image. To be fair it is necessary to tell that from personnel it is possible to beat out service in heating of a bucket of water. For 3 hryvnias (even the price is available). And here if I visited previously the website Mine where the whole rating of the Odessa hotels is provided (and not only), would not taste such trekhgrivenny pleasures.

The law provided protection of the consumer rights, but to here achieve results on various disputes on quality extremely difficult. Here or severe losses are necessary, or serious damage, constituting danger to health or activity of the person.

Therefore emergence not only forums, but also the specialized websites, communities on protection of our consumer rights is so valuable. By the way, in Europe the people fight for a long time, and not unsuccessfully.

Today website Mine submits one of effective schemes on protection of the consumer rights. Effectiveness provides not only voice national but also participation business - groups, dealers, service - groups on providing various services which read responses of people and, thus, is made by a number of requirements for quality. " project; Mine - some kind of bridge from the consumer to the producer and if to consider this tandem in global sense, then, perhaps, this tendency will lead to reconsideration of the market and rendering of services in Ukraine. Nothing so affects the producer as consumer demand and consumer (client) activity. Extending negative responses, we force dealers and offtakers to increase quality of goods and services. And positive - stimulate to support him and are good advertizing.

Also on the website competent systematization - a software catalog is presented to the directions of services and fast search in a keyword that makes use of the website convenient, technically available and a lung.

Therefore, not everything is so hopeless. you Remember

, you can affect quality of the life.