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Who such bimbo? You Remember

, there was such movie Beauties (not to confuse with Beauty Julia Roberts!) ? The heroine - the anthropologist, not too successful, looking frankly blue stocking, gets acquainted about mademoiselle Aleks, the dazzling beauty. The last enters our heroine into a circle of girls whose main interests are reduced to thoughtless hedonism, beauty shops and hunting for men. These are the girls called by the mysterious word bimbo . Bimbo - the American label for the sexy, not too clever beauties anxious with search suitable shot .

For girls of this kind we have no certain name. They are called coquettes, baby`s dummies, coquettes, dolls, dolls and even bitches. But when one of them appears close, all understand at once: it IT.

I remember a wonderful moment Bimbo`s

it is shrouded in a crape of expensive perfume the same as attention, sticky views and success. Here it consisting of the improbable height of hairpins, an air attire and divine power (yes, it - that Venus!) flies by down the street - men of any year of birth and any income cut conversation short, kill and, pulling in beer tummies, spread peacock tails. At the same time little girls - teenagers with astonishment blink it following, prudish ladies with amazement curve an eyebrow, all others sulk. And, sometimes affording obscene comments, claim: Here such take away our men! . Really, men quite often leave. Leave those who went deep with all enthusiasm into a career jungle or were dissolved in children, pans and a headache. And where direct the feet of the man? Of course, to those who can warm the man`s ego tortured by emancipation, to those whose paramount task and the purpose - - to twist a nr - sya.

Certainly, you should not rank bimbo as category of girls of the easiest behavior - it only seems available. Bimbo does very useful serious work - preferring successful men, it forces them to move above and above.

Yes, it, easily goes (and more often goes, and by cars of a representative class) on life. Yes, bimbo - it is successful. And it not only cute attractive face and branded belongings. It is life philosophy, a state of mind.

Real bimbo never

is not afraid of men, especially clever, rich and well-known;

will not miss an opportunity to charm foreign man;

does not think of consequences and does not bother calculations;

is not sorry about deeds;

is not afraid to seem the little fool;

envies nobody;

does not justify itself;

is not interested in opinion and reaction of people around. She already knows that one half of mankind chokes with envy, and another - with desire.

Real bimbo always

derives pleasure from life;

and from men;

loves himself all the glamourous heart, cares and cherishes the well-cared body to the most white tips of the French manicure;

behaves so as if on the street it is waited by a smart limousine and the driver with Brad Pitt`s face;

is able to appear in due time in the right place;

own opinion has;

claims (and proves on an own example) that nothing happens too;

everything knows about tendencies in the cosmetic industry and in the field of fashion;

it is sure of herself;

is in any situation oneself;

the word " radiates; success and pleasure very clearly.

And you think, easily? , for God`s sake, you do not say

I that never envied bimbo. Because all of us in soul slightly - slightly bimbo. Just we, such different (clever, educated, with three diplomas about the higher education, with labor callosities on palms, beautiful and charming), forgot the most important science - art to be pleasant. Also do not think that to be bimbo - easily, it is a duck soup to become it.

Believe, art to be IT - laborious work. Whether it is easy to keep to a diet day by day, to grind a favourite body in salons and fitness - clubs, to rush constantly on boutiques in awfully inconvenient shoes? Unless it is simple - and day and night to maintain the " reputation;? Whether it is easy to be perfect, sometimes endowing pressing needs?! Try to live week - another in style bimbo and not to howl!

Welcome to our ranks! to

to you does not dream a fluffy fur coat? Martini in the company of the man of the dream does not getting thirsty carelessly? You are ready to be content with tights which can be worn only under trousers, in view of latany - perelatanny arrows? Is not present? Then we undertake let`s get down to work!

Present yourself a pot with sweet honey around which the drugged men - bees turn. And, you do not want a pot? Than? Crystal vase? Congratulations! You already went entrance examination to our most elite school.

Elementary school

It is difficult to live in the afternoon with today`s clothes . (Tamara Kleiman)

the First step to treasured Bimbo! - to be engaged in the appearance. The body has to be faultless. Shaping and the pool, massage and a sunbed, manicure and a hairdressing salon - on the way to perfection are a lot of stations. It is impossible to pass one of them.

Now about clothes. Pervo - napervo carry out audit in clothes. Safely to throw out a half: all shapeless, ridiculous, improper and tasteless - in junk! It is impossible to feel sorry for anything - in the future losses will pay off three times as much.

Indulge yourself with shopping, get only by the principle Girlfriends will choke with envy! . Slightly you doubt result - the thing safely comes back to a hanger.

High school

Girls who know spelling really well do not wear short " skirts;. (Yanina Ipokhorskaya).

And here you already shine with an ukhozhennost, a good hairstyle, faultless manicure, a make-up and excellent taste. Now it is time to force to play all this beauty. Include

bimbo in. Light eyes internal shine. Remember how - it is mysterious to watch it from - under the lowered eyelashes, reddening, to look away, accidentally to show wrists, to correct a thin shoulder-strap and not to blush crimson under squall of compliments. Master gait from a hip (yes, for a start it is necessary to resemble also with the recipe-book on the head). Consult on the man on any question - you creation defenseless, needing care. It is possible even to forget about the 100 - mark ouch - Cue.

High school

The Woman is auditory, and ears love " diamonds;. (Tamara Kleiman)

A you learn to receive return now; take gifts and attention for granted, you deserve it. As in a joke:

- I Want a ring with diamond! - Take

, expensive!

- Why not platinum, but gold?! - Forgive to

, darling! - to Forgive to

a little! Three extra duties!!!

If your man obediently runs to change a ringlet and to buy dresses - you with gloss passed final examination. Does not run? Be well, improved further.

The higher education

A now the final stage - to learn to be happy. It is so easy, to be happy , - told the Mu, the character of the tale of Mumi - the Troll. And it was absolutely right! Because it is possible to be Perfect, but not to be able to derive pleasure from simple things. Any N - karat diamonds and the most handsome men do not guarantee it, Happiness. Bimbo can - devour not the nobility, what high a cake, lying at a TV set on a worldly-wise sofa. Also will not understand what can be good in love to the man for whose salary and the toy machine you will not buy.

is Enough to love of itself and to love life - the rest will be put. So?