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Why from an easy hand of Denis Davydov young noblemen imagined themselves Burtsov?

B 1804 after brilliant St. Petersburg and a tremendous success Davydov who fell into disgrace for seditious fables came to be in the provincial officer environment on the suburb of Russia.

In Eldar Ryazanov`s movie About the poor hussar say the word life of officers of such provincial Hussars is shown, of course, in comedy style. Some moments of everyday hussar life in the movie are noticed very precisely. So, the commander of Hussars, characterizing reliability of the subordinates, speaks: My officers of newspapers do not read . Unfortunately, the reality of provincial officer life was also such.

Denis Davydov who had a good education and mixed in refined St. Petersburg society appeared among people poorly educated, but sincere, honest, and, above all - ready to give life for the Fatherland that to it, undoubtedly, imposed. It was easily included into officer collective of a regiment and quickly became in it the person . During this period from under its feather there were verses, similar to which Russian and world, poetry did not know yet. In them the military subject in a special way began to sound. But, if poets of the senior generation, concerning this subject, solemnly sang of battles, campaigns, feats of tsars and commanders, then Davydov in the hussar verses opened area, new to the Russian poetry, namely - daily military life of provincial officers, with its sincere relations, reckless junkets and daily readiness for war. He managed to transfer moods (an inner world - as would tell today) the officer of that time. It was the special environment which representatives seldom lived up to an old age (Okudzhava truly noticed - them the century is not long ) and therefore short peace days cheerfully and recklessly hurried to live.

And though in the verses Davydov, mostly, presents to the reader external attributes of officer life - a saber and a horse, the tube and cards, a friendly junket and the twirled moustaches - even on this ordinary material to it was succeeded to create a bright and picturesque image of the daring hussar. It not only zabubenny merry fellow, yora, squabbler but also straight, courageous person devoted to an officer brotherhood and Fatherland. From - under its feather there was extremely live and absolutely real image making on contemporaries indelible impression novelty and freshness that was especially contrastly shown on the general background of poetry of that time. Such hero also had to speak without trick somewhere and roughly. Therefore Davydov enters into poetry, so unusual to it, live informal conversation, sincere and deprived of a saloon luster.

In one of the first such verses which gained wide fame it wrote:

Burtsov, yora, squabbler,

Drinking companion expensive!

For God`s sake and... Arak

Visit a house mine!

B is mute there are no beggars at a threshold,

B is mute there are no mirrors, vases, pictures,

I the owner, thank God, of

Not great mister.

He is a hussar, and does not show off


U it, the brother, replaces

All sofas an oats sack

After this poem the hussar Burtsov, one of advantages which there was an ability to drink without getting drunk, became known to all noble Russia.

The poet sang not only cheerful officer junkets, but also a hussar brotherhood:

For God`s sake, a tube give!

Put bottles before us,

of All equestrians call

With the twirled moustaches!

That chorus rattled

the Squadron the hussar flying here,

That to the sky vozletet

Ya on their hands mighty
Similar verses of Davydov enjoyed

enormous popularity: they were rewritten in treasured notebooks and learned by heart, a great number of young people imagined themselves Burtsov and aspired in hussars.

The original poetic manner of Davydov made strong impression not only on readers, but also on fellow writers. Many poets began to imitate Davydov, willingly adopted his manner. Pushkin claimed that he was obliged to Davydov that he did not come under in youth influence of Zhukovsky and Batyushkov. He let to me know in lyceum an opportunity to be original - Alexander Sergeyevich said about Davydov, and admitted that he imitated him in torsion of a verse was accustomed to its syllable .

the image of the dashing hussar Created by Davydov began to be transferred to the poet to what it was, undoubtedly, I am glad. In the movie Squadron hussar flying it is noticed very precisely: in the noble estate near Yukhnov in the fall of 1812 wait for arrival of Davydov and officers of his guerrilla group. Young ladies discuss what he is a hero and dashing a rubaka. And when there come guerrillas, young ladies hurry with delights to the high and stately hussar, than throw the low poet and officers surrounding him into confusion.

Temperamental hussar Davydov kept a manner also in the most successful late verses. Perhaps, the success of the hussar verses got by bravery and readiness to give life for the Fatherland became the reason that in 1806 Davydov was forgiven and returned to St. Petersburg in Guards Hussars. Then in its biography there was a war with French in 1807, fights with Swedes in Finland (1808 - 1809) and with Turks in Moldova. In 1811 the poet approached the Moscow writers, began to be published in the " magazine; Bulletin of Europe and later entered into the well-known literary society Arzamas and Society of fans of the Russian literature.

Original recognition to Davydov as not only to the literary, but also national hero, brought 1812.