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What is 3G (The test - the drive)

Presently, probably, for anybody there will be no mobile phone in wonder. Practically all age and social categories of citizens use mobile phones. This subject became the faithful companion on travel, the assistant at a difficult moment, means of the operational solution of urgent questions, a toy, a calendar, hours Movies in which smart spies used portable handheld transceivers are still fresh in memory, photographed the hidden tiny cameras, wrote down the compromising materials on dictophones Yes, 20 years ago for such smart priborchik would wear out on to narrow corridors KGB Even it is terrible to present that the investigators who found at you ordinary harmless, presently, Siemens or the Nokia would incriminate you

Modern suppliers of GSM of communication try to attract in all imaginable and not imaginable ways the maximum number of subscribers. Who reduces tariffs, who does convenient account replenishment and provides services about which competitors did not suspect yet, who organizes various actions, agitating the population to buy the small chip with a logo of this or that firm. The large companies absorb small, operators appear - clones, generally there is a hardened war for our attention.

Who thought up GSM - communication? Who did that genius who gave so many workplaces connect by an invisible thread of radio waves the whole cities and the countries? From school textbooks we know such surnames as Edison, Popov However GSM communication appeared not at once. According to some information in far 50 - 60 years of last century the similar technology regularly served the Soviet military railroad workers, however soon was, speaking military language, is compromised - that is fell into hands of the foreign states. For this reason of the Soviet army it was necessary to refuse this technology and in the USSR, the analog of the GSM technology was simply forgotten for many years

With disorder Great Mighty the GSM technology appeared on open spaces of the former socialist camp, however, already as a commercial product again. Appeared the first mobile operators, appeared the first mobile phones Every year GSM communication was improved and will be improved by

to this day. Remember what wonder usual SMS, then the services WAP, GPRS, MMS were Now each company has the counter - someone presses on the mobile Internet, someone on multimedia services

Since December, 2006 entered the market of mobile communication one more powerful fighter. CJSC " company; Telesystems of Ukraine the first in Ukraine offered service 3G which allows to increase the speed of a reception-transmission of data several times. As representatives of the PEOPLE net company - based " explain; Telesystems of Ukraine the technology 3G due to use of an additional communication channel (the number of the used contacts on the PEOPLE net six card, and the traditional operators GSM use only four) increased the speed and quality of a reception-transmission of data, and also quality of the communication. For connection to system 3G one chip does not suffice - also special phones, or modem devices are necessary. Checked personally - phone 3G simply does not distinguish a card of the operators GSM, as well as Gsmovskiye " phones; do not see cards 3G.

At present choice of phones 3G very limited. The PEOPLE net company offers at the moment only 5 types of phones (Motorola KRZR K1m, ZTE Evolution, LG TD636, Pantech PC - 7300L, ZTE AC8700) and 2 types of modems (ZTE MY39 C - motech CCU - 550). the PEOPLE net Company first of all tries to interest in

Internet users though the communication quality 3G of phones is slightly better, than in GSM.

by What is attractive the Internet on system 3G? The main advantage is, mobility the Internet - connections. To me as it is always very important to user of the laptop to have near at hand the fast Internet, according to the characteristics comparable with a dedicated line. Speed of the Internet makes on cheaper phones - modems LG TD636, Pantech PC - 7300L of about 80 - 120 kilobits per second, on more expensive phones - modems, and also on modems makes up to 2,4 megabits a second. Also during my stay in a network I can freely communicate by phone via I at which same moment receive the high-speed Internet. For comparison the Internet from the operator Life:) by about 5 times more slowly As it managed to me to notice, when using of the Internet speed considerably increases depending on removal of phone - the modem from the computer.

Shortcomings which I managed to reveal during testing 3G of communication is a weak, at the moment, covering of the territory of Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kryvyi Rih, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Simferopol), however the closest plans of a covering include all regional centers and the main highways. Absence on phone - the Pantech PC modem - 7300L of recharge from USB - connection that does limited time of stay in the Internet and demands phone adapter charger. Function of control of the used traffic is not adjusted - it is necessary to call the operator, calling a phone number and a surname and to expect until data are checked Also short-term failures of the Internet, the truth took place connection was instantly restored. I Want to notice

that though the company only takes the first steps, but the personnel try to promote the client. At connection in retail shops the manager into place leaves and instructs both the user, and the seller, helping to understand subtleties of new service.

According to the last data technology 3G now is tested by the operator Life:). Experts of Life:) the trial call with application of this technology was already made. What will be offered in the market by this operator will see in the near future!

Science, for the last 30 years ran forward with great strides, sweeping away old uklady entraining army of inquisitive consumers of its products. What world we will see in 10 - 15 years - it is necessary only to guess