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What is the loud echo of war?

War. The word speaks about trouble and a grief, about misfortune and slyoza. How many people died during the terrible Great Patriotic War! But, perishing, they knew that they battle for the Homeland, for the family.

Today we see many events and stages of our history in a different light, we aspire more precisely and definitely to estimate them. The increased interest in problems of the recent past is not casual: it is caused by inquiries of updating. Today came it is time to tell that the most terrible crimes of the XX century are committed by the German nazis.

Time, as we know, the best doctor. A lot of things are forgotten, a lot of things are lost with death of witnesses, a lot of things seem not truthful of - for false, ugodnichesky materials about war. What for the senior generation was reality seems to us awful fiction. It is heavy to find room into our consciousness how it is possible to burn living people how it is possible to use the child in medical experiences? But it was. So whom to hate? The chastener burning people, his son, his grandson who held in remembrance the ancestor? Quite recently I read

about the offer of the German government and Societies of memory of war about restoration of the German burials of times of the Great Patriotic War. Descendants of the died German soldiers want to find the place of commemoration of the family. They want to see the earth in which bones of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers lie. In all Europe: France, Norway, Spain - similar memorials exist. So our country? Yes, we - Europe. Yes, we strive for neighborliness with all people. And in the hearts of post-war generations there is no hatred to the German people. But still witnesses of atrocities of fascism are living. And I think that similar memorials will become for them a mortal wound. And, at all my respect for the German people, those who presented freedom and life to our country are much closer to me.

Now we know that the occupational mode in the European countries was much softer. In one of newspapers I read about the schedule of work of the Parisian restaurants and their menu in 1942, about the invention of an aqualung of Cousteau in 1943 in the occupied France. All this suggested me an idea that the restored German cemeteries on the French earth are not so vulnerable for memory of the French people.

So it is Loud echo of war ? It is the pain and sufferings transferred to us by the senior generation. This obligation for preservation of memory of the dead. But it and need for a compromise with our neighbors in the European house. Our generation should solve many disputable situations left long ago the taken place war. The loud echo of war should not be buried in oblivion.