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School uniform - it is convenient? Someone clever noticed

: the childhood - a carefree time. And wise it right there corrected - to any age the burden. And I think that, solving a problem of appearance of the school student, it is necessary to listen and consider opinion of children.

A white shirt, a classical jacket, a vest, a blouse, strict trousers - official, office style. Yes, it is valid in the " program; Choice we saw the school student in a tuxedo. It stylishly. But it is only one party. And reality is as follows: on shoulders a sports backpack weighing 5 - 6 kg, and in hands a package of replaceable footwear yes sportswear for exercises. What, already not so remarkably? And we will add a locker room at the gym where on the hook hammered into a wall, the school student has to place a tuxedo. And it is good if it is not necessary to share this hook with the companion. Lack of a shower after physical culture, manual training where plane, cut, master cookery. And as the same " program already showed; Choice only 28% which called - for a school uniform, and against - 72%.

Considering all this, already now more than a half of school students passed on convenient, practical and in design nothing ceding, jeans.

And here conflict: the official for a school uniform, pupils with most of parents - for practical and convenient jeans clothes. And I think that, as in any dispute, truth somewhere in the middle. Shortly the monetary rain on school will not spill. Therefore, locker rooms with separate lockers and a coat hanger will not be, smothering too. But it is possible to balance the schedule, physical education classes to couple, take out them by the end of school day where after the last lesson there is no need to pull already fairly wrinkled suit on a sweaty body. In days of physical culture, manual training, in days of cleaning of the territory and in days of watch on school to allow carrying the convenient and appropriate in this situation clothes. And the elegant official style is good for the solemn moments in life of school which there is a lot of (various rulers and actions), and also those days where in the schedule the lessons disposing to an official style.

I think, there will pass several years and the formula of life of school will be developed. And today it is important not to go too far, bypass acute angles.

Misters officials, do not try to step in a pursuit of originality on opinion of school students.