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The teacher is a calling?

Until recently I went to the teacher only to school. Also I think that most of people connect the word teacher with a school bench, calls, homeworks.

He greeted me with a smile. I smiled in reply. Merhaba - he told. Hello - I answered. So my first lesson and acquaintance to the teacher of Turkish and culture Ady bey began. In a few minutes on a table before me appeared, no, not textbooks, not notebooks, not handles, and the tea brought from Turkey in cups and sweet, unusual to us. The teacher explained that in the east it is accepted to welcome the guest with tea, to treat him, to inquire after about health. I, the schoolgirl who came for knowledge first of all was a guest in hospitable east house. We have in Belarus a small corner of Turkey - Belarus - the Turkish society of friendship Dostluk .

From a lesson to a lesson Adem beat acquainted me with Turkish, music and songs of far-away east country. Each lesson was the most interesting and surprising. Never in a year the teacher raised on me the voice, did not dare to meet me gloomy and depressed. It seemed, his mood does not depend on surrounding disorders and bad weather. But whether it is difficult to be the teacher of Turkish? You train people in language from scratch! - I took an interest. You Know, the Slavic people master language quickly enough. And I the love work, it is very interesting. My pupils taught me to also much, told " much;. Adem beat it was let to tell me about how much he learned from the pupils about the Belarusian culture, the nation, mentality.

Adem beat, my teacher of Turkish, lives in Belarus 10 years. Arrived to our country to the relatives, knowing only one word: Yes . Likely this word helped me to be arranged " here; - he laughs. Then Adem beat came to the HAZE. At first it was difficult, - he says, - Russian came to me not easily. But the object set by me was reached . Having successfully graduated from the Minsk State linguistic university, Adem beat came in Dostluk to teach Turkish to Belarusians.

What first impression developed at you about our country, about Belarus? - I asked it once. Adem beat smiled and answered: My country is mountains and the sea. And I all life dreamed to see just the plain. The first that I thought of Belarus - it is dream. Here delightful nature . Then Adem beat kept silent and added: And still there live very beautiful women and girls . I attentively listened to his story and even forgot about textbooks that lay before me. Oh, chattered me absolutely, and verbs - that who will learn? - suddenly, having cunning blinked the eyes, my teacher asked. I, of course, - quickly answered I, - And here know . Adem beat he began to listen attentively to

Here, my favourite teacher! With it it is interesting. He wants to learn everything that is created around it. It is curious and inquisitive. Knowledge in exchange on knowledge joking he calls our occupations. He is able to interest. For this reason I look forward to our next occupation again.

Our lessons are not similar to usual. For example, you sometime had it that the teacher leaves a class for this purpose to pray? The matter is that Muslims pray to Allah in a certain time of day. You sometime saw that your teacher went outside and fed the poor and the disadvantaged???

For me the schoolgirl Adem beya to be very pleasant and responsible. And there was a wish to put even more efforts when I learned that the teacher is proud of my progress too. On inclusion in honor of delegation of Parliament of the Republic Turkey to me entrusted to sing the national song in Turkish. Adem beat with pleasure presented me as the schoolgirl.

I think that the maximum result is possible only at mutual understanding and respect between the teacher and the pupil. When the pupil becomes not the servant, but the teacher`s friend, on both of them light of knowledge " will condescend; - my teacher likes to speak.